How to Play Strat-O-Matic Hockey (computer game)

With Strat-O-Matic’s detailed player ratings, each man’s strengths – and weaknesses – are on display. And it’s up to you to coach them accordingly. Like the real NHL, in most games, superior talent will prevail. But lesser teams can win with more effort. And your attention to detail can give you key advantages at crucial moments. Your inattention can let an inferior team score the goal that turns the game around.

Let the computer set your lines or do it yourself. Do you have best defenders to clear rebounds against the line that is most likely to score on them? Do you have a “quarterback” at the point on this power play? Is your top face-off man on the ice for that third-period draw in your own end?

Then just click to start the action. Your players follow your game plan, but you can change strategy at any time. When gaining the blue line, will your men fire away for volume shots on goal? Or will they risk turnovers while passing for higher-percentage scoring chances? Should your top goal scorer rip a slap shot at first chance, or try to blow by a weak defenseman for a dangerous shot from the slot? Does your bone-crunching defenseman risk a penalty to prevent a scoring chance, or does he leave it to your goalie to come up big so that your team can avoid being short-handed? Win or lose, YOU influence the outcome.

Follow the text play-by-play as the scoreboard tallies the shots on goal and counts down the seconds. The game animation will display the puck moving up the ice – and into the goal, triggering the red light and a siren!

Your opponent can be human or the computer. He can be in your home or a world away with our Netplay option. Or you can let the computer run both teams at super speed to complete full-season replays or to test “What-if?” scenarios with different lines, trades and drafts.
Connect with the vast SOM hockey community via the built-in blog capability, the Game Lobby function or in online forums. Whether you join a league or play solo, the thrills of NHL hockey are yours.

And enjoy the unparalleled stats report for teams, individual players and specific games, including summaries that even pick the game’s three stars!

How to Play Strat-O-Matic Hockey (board game)

Player cards are the heart and soul of all Strat-O-Matic board games, with each hockey player uniquely rated to portray their on-ice styles, strengths and weaknesses. But to simulate the nearly nonstop flow of pro hockey, Strat-O-Matic uses another set of unique cards – an Action Deck that dictates action and game time.

The Action Deck makes Strat-O-Matic Hockey easy to play. Just flip a card to start the action, and find the player and skill that will play the key role in the next 40 seconds of frenzy. Perhaps the center’s passing skill, the left winger’s defense or the right defenseman’s shot from the blue line will determine whether there’s a scoring chance, a turnover, or a game-changing penalty.

Two six-sided dice are reserved for the game’s most dramatic moments, when you literally hold the outcome in your hands. They are used on shots, and whenever the goalie’s skill is needed to determine if a dangerous chance will be a save, a rebound or a goal.

Because every player card is unique, the same roll that scores a goal for one shooter and can be a harmless shot for another. The defensive takeaway for one player can become a disastrous giveaway by another. It always matters what combination of players is on the ice when opportunity arrives.

Three games in one, Strat-O-Matic in Basic, Advanced and Super-Advanced form, either has a strategic challenge in face-to-face play or solitaire. In Advanced play, a more detailed Action Deck breaks down the action for the playing style you choose: An up-tempo, aggressive-forechecking game, a moderate attack or a conservative, defense-first approach. The smart choice will bring out the best in players who thrive on that style – and the worst in those whose skills are ill-fit for it. 

Super-Advanced Play offers the ultimate in penalty variety, power-play detail and more to make your Strat-O-Matic experience as life-like as possible. For gamers who want the strategy options in Advanced and Super-Advanced Play, we highly recommend the optional Additional Players (more than 200 men to complete your rosters).

You can begin Basic play within minutes of opening the game box. And, if you’re like most of our hockey customers, you’ll still be playing many years later.