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I am starting a new basketball league with 16 teams for computer play or net play games. Rules and procedures are up for debate but I do have some ideas already that will also be incorporated. Email Rick at rickiebebo@gmail.com for more details. In an 82 game season, each team will play 7 conference opponents 6 times each and 8 non-conference opponents 5 times each. 8 teams make the playoffs and the other 8 play in a playoff for top 8 draft position.

Continuing League Baseball is looking to expand for the 1969 season to 21 teams! We average a season about every 3 months. 1969 should start about Nov 2018
Games are played by in blocks (40,40,30,30,22) with stats posted to the website after each block. League info and history located at
This league is a lot of fun without extremely high time commitment so if it is something you are interested in, drop me an email at brian.linderman@tx.rr.com

Looking for Owners newer to the game for a competitive but cooperative NetPlay environment. 81-game season (May-August). 2017 computer game. Inaugural draft will tier players based on ABs so that all teams aren't "loaded." Let's design the free agency rules together. Email if interested in learning the game with friends. Mondaymorningpunter@gmail.com

Brand New 2018 League drafting by mid April. NL League mimics MLB with injuries, long term contracts, release, waivers, pretty much all the GM moves. This league encourages multiple decisions throughout the year and is a "HANDS ON LEAGYUE" running on a bi weekly schedule of five series.

Contact Al

More active than 30-Day Blocks, please.

Face to face Baseball League looking to expand. Draft new, no keepers with shortened season play. Games usually played on Friday nights, Saturday/Sunday all day with all three on week to week basis depending on availability. Interested contact Anthony via email for further league description of play. Email: stratbaseballny@yahoo.com

Are any netplay leagues looking for players? I’m looking for 162 games all netplay, salary structure optional

I'm looking for a 2018 netplay league that plays with continuity better than monthly blocks. 15 + years of netplay experience.

Al LaRose (al4343@aol.com)

I'm looking for a retro league in the 60's or 70's and a current day league. I have been playing since 77 and recently hooking back with the game. I have been dedicated to deadlines all my life, and enjoy the game. If I sound like someone you might be interested in please contact me. I have never been in a league but I am a quick learner so please don't let that stop you.

Chester Thomas

20 team winter league - July thru Dec. We use simple Cap number.
The league website is http://flory.net/mlsb/ and the available teams are: (All teams are loaded with talent):
Cincinatti – Barnhart, Encarnacion, Schwabber, Arrietta, Stroman,
St. Louis – Salvador Perez, Jose Ramirez, Trout, Duvall
LA Angels – Belt, Morrison, Sano, McCuthchen, Kluber
The league’s annual draft will begin Sunday, May 27 at 1 PM. So it’s an exciting time to join.
contact me at JOEYGESQ1@gmail.com

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