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A unique new basketball league will be starting this fall when the new game is released. We want to start with 16 teams and still have a couple of openings. We plan to use the computer game with coaches playing solitaire with CM's and/or net play. All teams play in a post season which will be used for the next season draft position. For more information, email Rick at rickiebebo@gmail.com and I will inform you of all the details.

Looking for a Baseball Net play league only. Prefer 18 - 24 team league. Have been playing SOM since early 70s and net play leagues since 2006. email: sumoron@wat.midco.net

The North American Baseball is league is seeking Manager-in-Waiting. A stable league, we may have a vacancy at end of the 2018 regular season. Twenty team league established in 1976, with extensive league history archive. Details and contact information on the league web site.


The New Millennium League is currently looking for players who would be interested in joining. We're in our third (of six) monthly blocks this season.

We are a contract / free agent league with a salary cap

If it looks interesting to you, drop me a line at richm26@yahoo.com

contact: pkbooicu3@aol.com

My league has folded. played strat since 1964

In our 19th year, NL-only. Available team is the defending champs who are reloading (so no pressure this year) with a good base for next year. Our turnover is super rare.

colleary@prodigy.net if experienced and reliable.

1st year net-play league that will be around for a very long time needs 2 replacement managers. The 20 team league has an 84 game season that is played over 6 months. This league has very stable leadership that has been in strat leagues for many years. Some players on first team- G. Stanton, Fowler, Ortiz, Gio Gonzalez, W. Davis, J. Parker, and J. Hammel. On second team- Strasburg, Matt Moore, Lance Lynn, Andrelton Simmons, Pablo Sandoval, M. Bumgarner, and L. Cain. Email-jmadden27(at)yahoo.com

I am a longtime strat-o-matic player looking to play online for the first time/

I am a rookie to Strat Baseball.
Any other rookies out there looking for some NetPlay with the Baseball Computer game?
Don't be shy - we can figure out all of the nuances together.
If interested email me at chasedurer@aol.com