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The SBL is a 16 team league using the computer game and last season’s stats. We use a salary structure and the offseason consists of trading, free agency and a general draft. You will play a combination of home and away games. We mostly use computer managers but Netplay is encouraged for the playoffs. If you are interested in learning more, please visit our website at www.schwantzbaseball.com or contact me directly (brianmcd77@netzero.net).

Thank you for your consideration,

There's an opening in D.E.R.L., a Strat-O-Matic "Retro" league. We are a play by email league (you play 50% of your team's games against a computer managed opponent). We've just begun our 1972 player draft and the vacant team has the 5th overall pick. Because we only keep 18 players, per team year to year, the draft pool is always healthy.

Please respond directly to my personal email address ("mjdago@oal.com") if you are interested in learning more about this opening.

Mark D.

The SNARL league is looking to fill an opening in its 16-team league for the upcoming spring season.

We are a netplay-only league with 106-game schedule, using 70% of card usage.

The available team is in competitive shape for the coming season. They own the 5th pick in Rd.1 and two Rd.2 picks. For more information on the league, constitution and the available teams roster, contact Steve stephenkahn@rogers.com

CSL needs replacement owners/managers (currently need 3 owners). We will be entering our 19th year. Our league is composed of ten owner/managers, each with an Al and NL team) total 20).
We use 100% usage maximum and a "developmental league", Holding as many as 40 players from year to year. with no limits on minor league drafted.
Please respond to Rich oazrn24@yahoo.com for a copy of the league constitution and current rosters for more info.

The MSL is a relaxed 20-team league with optional NetPlay. We use the newest PC version with most advanced rules. We will be using the 2016 player set in the upcoming draft.

We intend to catch up to the present season. We play approx 9 games every 2 1/2 weeks (9 blocks per season). It takes us about 9-10 months to finish a season and get the next season started.

If interested, contact John at helmbrej@hotmail.com or visit web site: http://johnhelmbrecht.com/MSL/

iNetBL is a 24 team salary and contract controlled league that is looking for one more new manager. I have 4 new guys waiting to participate in a dispersal draft soon. Only need 1 more to kick it all off.

Contact: john.inkpen@ns.sympatico.ca

EZBALL is a 30 team keeper league (40 man rosters - cut to 32 each season) . We had an unusually large turnover last season and lost 9 members. Currently have 5 new guys waiting to conduct a dispersal draft. Need 4 more.
If we don't fill the quota by the end of the coming weekend (04 Feb) I wil be shutting down what has been a fun competitive league.

Contact: john.inkpen@ns.sympatico.ca

I'm interested in joining or starting a face to face league in the Tampa Bay/Pinellas County area. I'm new to the area and miss playing face to face. If you know of or have a league or are interested in starting one, please contact me at taunpaul@yahoo.com

We're a 35 year old 12 team NL only league. Four teams make the playoffs. Netplay for playoffs only. 33 man rosters. Very competitive league with 9 different champions the past 9 years. We hate tanking so we have a random draft for non-playoff teams; 100% usage with penalties that effect draft position but no player loss; full keeper league (you draft him you own him forever). Very stable, capable membership. Available team is terrible but has MANY draft picks. Email ranbricker@gmail.com.

The ILSBC is a 24 team CM league (Net Play optional reg season/mandatory playoffs). 40 man rosters with contracts/salaries, including free agent and rookie draft. Each team plays road games, CMs used for home games. We have a 110% PA/IP usage rule and play over 7 block period. Great website with tried and tested rule structure. Looking for 7 managers for the upcoming season. Those interested please send an email to Scott at "guasta@comcast.net" and we will share additional information.

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