A. Yes!  As anti-virus and other security programs continue to evolve they often use more generic signatures or heuristic-based detection to search for threats.  This sometimes causes false positives.  If a false positive is detected when scanning our software certain program files or DLLs might be removed or quarantined.  If you are running any sort of security program you might need to create an exception for our programs or DLLs if they are flagged in such a manner.  
Since there are so many different security programs, and because they vary greatly, we cannot explain how to create an exception for each product.  You will need to determine which security programs you are running and then you will need to find out how to create exceptions when needed.  We recommend that you do a search of the Internet similar to this: "how to create an exception with AVG Antivirus"  (of course, substitue the name of your security tool for "AVG Antivirus" in the search string).
Important - You may need to reinstall our software after defining your exceptions.  

A: No knowledge of the Strat-O-Matic board game is necessary in order to enjoy our computer game.  Of course, if you do have previous experience in playing the board game you will have a head start, but everything that is needed to understand and enjoy the computer game is included with your purchase. 
A: You will need to be running Windows XP or higher, have a CD-ROM drive, an internet connection, and at least 60 megs of free hard-drive space. 

Our software is Window 7 and Window 7 64 bit compatible. However, please check the notes below that pertain to the Windows Vista operating system.

***IMPORTANT*** DO NOT INSTALL THE GAME TO THE “PROGRAM FILES” FOLDER IN VISTA OR WINDOWS 7!  Vista and Windows 7 do not allow you to write data to this folder (instead it uses a virtual folder when you try to write data there).  Besides being confusing, this causes problems with our game.

The game must be installed with a user sign-on that has administrator privileges.  This will allow the DLLs to be registered properly. 

Also, when installing you might see an “Unknown Publisher” warning message.  If so, you should click “Run” to proceed.

Vista™ no longer supports Winhelp, which our program uses.  You can download the Winhelp viewer for Vista™ at the following link: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=82148


Windows 7™ no longer supports Winhelp, which our program uses.  You can download the Winhelp viewer for Windows 7™ at the following link: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=258aa5ec-e3d9-4228-8844-008e02b32a2c


A: Strat-O-Matic Computer Baseball is a multifaceted game with many options and features.  If you are new to the world of Strat-O-Matic and just want to get started quickly you should follow these steps:

1. If you wish to play with the cards (this game may be played with or without the Strat-O-Matic baseball cards), you must understand the ratings system.  Even if you don’t plan to use the cards, you will probably want to understand the ratings system employed by the game.  Without the cards, we recommend that you use the highest level of all the rules (this is Maximum or Super-Advanced, depending on the category).  With the cards you might want to start at the Advanced level until you become acquainted with how the game plays, and then you can proceed to the highest level of rules.

2. If you are playing a non-league game, no stats will be saved.  When you play your first league game you will be able to view statistics.

3. You can accept the defaults for most of the items shown in the menus when you start a game.  Items that you need to decide include your selection of playing league or non-league games (note that all scheduled games are considered league games), DH or NO DH, and if you wish to play with or without cards.

4. Don’t worry about messing things up!  You can always re-install the software.  Also each season individually can be restarted, which simply erases all statistics accumulated to date for that league.
A: After installing a program or add-on the game will automatically prompt you for an authorization code the first time you try to use that game or add-on. When the screen request comes up, make sure you are online, then simply enter your code into the box and click the OK button to complete your activation.
A: Your game menu will have 2 choices, Remove Game Authorization or Remove Other Authorizations. When removing your codes you should always remove your add-on authorizations first, then your game authorization last.

To Remove Other Authorizations click the menu choice, select the authorization from the list and click the remove button. Enter or verify your product code and click OK. Repeat this step for each add-on product that you have installed and need to remove.

To Remove Game Authorization click the menu choice and enter or verify your product code and click OK.
A: Our activation system allows you to actively install a product on only one computer at any time. You can remove and transfer your authorizations as often as you need to but you can only have it active with one computer at a time.
A: Yes, you can use the Remove Authorization features on your game menu to remove or deactivate your codes. Once your codes have been removed they are free to be reinstalled to a different computer.
A: If you do not have any internet access, you will have to use the Manual Transfer option. When you access a game or add-on for the first time the program will request your authorization code, enter the code in the box provided and click the button labeled Manual Transfer. On the Manual Transfer screen, make note of your User Code and the URL of the activation web page. Go to a computer with internet access, open the listed webpage URL and you will need to enter your product code and user code to submit. Once submitted you will receive an activation code back, write this code down and take it back to your Manual Transfer screen and enter it into the box there to complete your activation manually.
A: If you do not have any internet access, you will have to use the Manual Transfer option. When you click on either the Remove Authorization menu option, enter the code in the box provided and click the button labeled Manual Transfer. On the Manual Transfer screen, make note of your Removal Code and the URL of the de-activation web page. Go to a computer with internet access, open the listed webpage URL and you will need to enter your product code and removal code to submit. Once submitted your authorization will be removed completely.

Note: Even though your game screen will note that the authorization has been removed successfully, the removal process will not be complete until your go to the deactivation web page and complete the process.
A: Yes, some products may be activated by product code or by one of our older floppy product disks. If this option is available, you will see a button labeled “Diskette Transfer” on the Authorization window. If you have a disk product, click the Diskette Transfer button and the game will prompt you to insert your floppy disk.

Note: If your floppy disks no longer work, or you have a computer with no floppy drive, then here is our Disk Exchange Policy:  If you have an old 3.5” season diskette that fails you can exchange it for a Product Code card for a $2 replacement fee, per diskette.  Mail back the diskette(s) and enclose $2 per diskette. We will ship back to you the replacement Product Code card(s).

As of 12/31/2010 this program has closed and we are no longer accepting disk exchanges
A: Unfortunately, the registration card is your record of the product code. Both the documentation and registration card itself explain that you should protect that card; it is the only record of your registration.
If the registration card has been physically lost, a replacement registration code would need to be purchased. Please contact the company at 1-800-645-3455 to inquire about replacement product codes.

Should you receive this error message you will need to have your product codes reset. Please contact SOM Support at techsupport@strat-o-matic.com with the subject “Reset Request” and request a product code reset.


If you have lost an authorization due to hard drive failure and you are not able to play the game (or seasons) then you will need to contact Technical Support at techsupport@strat-o-matic.com with the subject “Reset Request” and request a product code reset.  They will help you get back up and running.

A: Invalid product code means that you are either entering a code for a different product than requested, or you have entered your code incorrectly. Verify which code the game screen is requesting. If you have the right code, you should verify the letters and numbers within the product code. All SOM product codes are 16 characters and have 7 letters and 9 numbers.
A: A firewall/security program is interfering with the transfer of the registration information. You should temporarily shut off the program to complete the registration process. If you are unable to turn off your firewall/security software, you will need to use the Manual Transfer registration process to work around this issue.
A: Should you receive an Authorization Corrupted message you will need to have your product codes reset. Please contact SOM Support at techsupport@strat-o-matic.com with the subject “Reset Request” and request a product code reset.
A: During the initial game installation you may have selected the checkbox for Optional Color Ballparks. If so, this add-on product requires a separate purchase to activate and use. If you wish to have this feature you can purchase the Color Ballparks from Strat-O-Matic and you will receive a product code to unlock that feature.

If you do not wish to purchase the color ballparks you will need to remove those files to proceed. Unfortunately, there is no easy or automatic way to uninstall the color ballpark files. You need to do this manually by going to the CDROMBB game folder and opening up the DATA folder. This is where the ballpark files are installed. You will see a number of files with BP then a number like BP000. These are the black and white files – leave them alone. You will also see the color files which will have a D or an N after the name, for example BP000D or BP000N. These D and N files need to be deleted. Once they have been removed, you will not get the color stadium authorization request and the game will use the default black-and-white ballparks.
A: Optional ballparks are installed as part of the main game installation screen. Insert your game CD-ROM and run the setup.exe as if you are going to install the entire game again. When you get to the install screen with the checkbox selections, only check off the box for the optional ballparks you wish to install.
A: The oldtimer ballparks require a number assignment to the team that will be using that ballpark graphic. Click on or highlight the team in question, go to the Team menu and select Update Ballpark Info. The second field on the screen will be the ballpark Code #. Type the ballpark’s respective code number here.

Note: ballpark code lists can be found under the Help menu. Click the Index button and search the alphabetical index for “Ballpark Codes.”
A: To install additional season rosters insert your game CD-ROM. Open the program and go to the League menu and select Install Rosters from CD-ROM. A screen will appear listing all of the available rosters. Scroll down to the roster you wish to install, highlight it and click the Install button
A: Make sure that you have the View Card Images turned on. Go to Options, then Dice/Cards/Splits and make sure to check off the box “Show Cards In Notebook.”

Note: Older game versions may have also had a check box for Show Cards on Game Screen but that no longer applies. With the newer graphic interface, the card image is now always available on the game screen.
A: As-Played season rosters are now included as part of the roster install screen. Put in your game CD-Rom and go to the League menu and select Install Rosters from CD-ROM. As the rosters are listed on the install screen, many will have a second choice for “Updated-As-Played.” If you wish to play in the As-Played mode with actual transactions and lineups, select this version of the roster to install.
A: After your season is complete, you can create a playoff league by highlighting your league and then selecting your playoff teams on screen. To select multiple teams, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard as you click each team. Once all of your playoff teams are highlighted go to the League menu and select Create Playoff League.
A: Click on and highlight your league and go to the League menu and select Create All-Star Game.
A: Click on and highlight your league and go to the League menu and select Schedule Maintenance. The lower left corner of the screen should have a button labeled “Generate.” Click this button and fill in the schedule parameters.
A: The main program screen uses the drag-and-drop functionality of your mouse. To copy a player or team from one league to another, select the player or team with your mouse, hold the button down and drag to the league you wish to copy them to on your league list.
A: The main program screen uses the drag-and-drop functionality of your mouse. To trade a player from one team to another select the player with your mouse, hold the button down and drag to the team you wish to trade them to on your team list.
A: The multi-team player file has a maximum amount of transactions it can hold. This limit is rarely if ever exceeded by actual in-season trades. Very often, when you create a league you might have failed to restart the league before you began play and many of the 75 transactions took place setting up your rosters before the season began.

Unfortunately, there is no way around this maximum limit in solitaire leagues. In multi-player leagues, you can use the Rebuild League function if you have all of your game results files saved.
A: The main program screen uses the drag-and-drop functionality of your mouse. To release a player or select the player with your mouse, hold the button down and drag to the Free Agents at the top of your team list.
A: Some Strat-O-Matic rosters will contain “nameless players.” We were prohibited from using the names of these players due to licensing restrictions.  By default we give the player a coded initial name (for example, Y.A.). You can edit a player’s name by clicking on and highlighting the player, then go to the Player menu and select the Update Player function.

Note: You cannot edit a player’s name once a season has started. If you need to edit a player’s name, you would need to restart your league.
A: You can edit a player’s card by clicking on and highlighting the player, going to the Player menu and selecting Update Player. Use the drop down menu to edit stats, ratings or actual card result readings.
A: This error indicates a problem with your DAO module used for data basing. Please open and print the readme.txt file found inside the DAO folder on your game CD-ROM. This will contain directions for installing and updating your DAO module.
A: Some printers may have trouble reading the PRT Print file format on our reports. If you are having trouble, go to Options, then Miscellaneous, and check off the box for “Also save print files as HTML.” Since HTML is the same format as a webpage, you should have no issues printing your reports in the HTML format.
A: Fatal Error 54 means you have an incomplete or missing team manager file. This usually occurs in custom leagues that have not been set up fully or in a stock league where roster moves or trades were made. Check the Update Computer Manager and Update Default Lineup settings of the teams in question and make sure they are completely set up with no missing spots in their default lineups or default pitching rotation.
A: Fatal Error 37 can occur when you have players with duplicate first initial last names (for example Reggie and Ron Jackson) on a roster. This situation can mess up the team stats database and cause an error. If you have a roster situation like this, you should edit the last name of one of the players by adding an * to the end of the name.

This error can also occur due to corrupted league files. Double check your rosters and see if there are any duplicate players. If not, you likely have a data corruption.

In either case, there is usually no way to repair the data. You should restore a league backup file or restart your league to correct the issue.
A: If you are experiencing font problems, first select another font. If that does not work, then contact your video-card vendor and make sure you have the latest device drivers installed.  This is especially important if you have upgraded your operating system. Some font problems have been reported, but have not been able to be duplicated.  A handful of people have reported fonts being too large on the screens in their game.  Check to see that your fonts are standard Windows fonts and have not been changed.  For example, you may be using a larger font if you have a large monitor.  If they can be resized you should make your fonts smaller.

Another problem is the DPI setting.  Our game supports the standard DPI setting.  If you use “large-size DPI” then certain text elements might get clipped.
A: You have a data corruption or synchronization issue with this notebook. To reset the notebooks do the following:
1. Click on and highlight your league with the problem
2. Go to statistics menu and click on Assign Encyclopedia to Notebook
3. Click the Cancel button
A: If you have saved your box scores after a game, they can be viewed later by clicking on File, then View Print Files.
A: In order to hold a draft or to redraft the players in a league, you must follow several simple steps.  First, you must Create New League. Second, you must copy the players that you wish to draft into your new league.  Third, you must use the Release Players to free agency function. You are now ready to create your teams and then draft, using the Draft-O-Matic function.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After your draft has been completed you will need to define computer managers for each team, create a schedule and restart the league before beginning league play.
A: The ability to host a game in Netplay is dependent on two items: giving your opponent the correct IP address to connect to and having your host computer free of any firewall/security measures that might block your opponent from connecting to you.  In addition, if you use a wireless router you will need to set up our port-forwarding properly.

To confirm your IP address, you should go to a website like http://www.whatismyip.com

There are three possible firewall/security measures that you might need to disable or configure to properly host a Netplay game:
  1. Windows Firewall. If you have XP or Vista, there is a Windows Firewall available that needs to be turned off. To turn off your Windows Firewall, go to the Control Panel, Network and Internet and you should find an option to access the Windows Firewall there.
  2. 3rd Party Software Firewalls. Any software firewalls like Norton Security, McAfee Security and Zone Alarm, etc. need to be disabled or turned off. Open your respective software and follow directions for disabling or exiting that software.
  3.  Hardware Firewalls. Any Wired/Wireless router and some combination modem/routers will have hardware firewalls built into them. These cannot be disabled or shut off. You will need to contact the manufacturer of your hardware and inquire about Port Forwarding. You need to Port Forward port # 6501 to allow the Netplay connection to pass through your hardware firewall security.
Wireless Routers can cause difficulty in playing all PC-based internet games.  That is because when a message is sent to your game from your opponent’s machine it gets delivered to the wireless router, which then needs to forward it on to your PC.  The mechanism to do this is called “port forwarding.”  Every router has its own instructions for defining port forwarding, so the particular method of doing this for any given router is beyond the scope of the technical support that we offer.  However, there are good resources available on the internet that will help guide you through the process of setting up port forwarding for you router.  We recommend that you visit http://portforward.com to determine the steps to set up your wireless router for Netplay.
A: The only way around this is to use the “Generate Computer Manager” function (located in the Team menu).  This will completely overwrite your computer manager with a new generated one and in the process the password will be shut off.
A: Skincrafter refers to the graphics interface and graphics skins that we use in the program. If you want to try to turn the skinning off on the older computer, go to the main game install Strat-O-Matic baseball folder, find the file named  SOMBB.INI, and open it. The ini file is a configuration file that has a bunch of settings. Scroll down and you should see a line that says “DontSkin=0.” Change this to “DontSkin=1” and then click File and Save. This should shut off the skin graphics. If your machine is having an issue with that, it should then be able to load the game.
A: Player pictures can easily be assigned for each player.  These pictures can appear during  the game (see Game Screen Layout Options), and will also appear in the player's notebook.

To assign a player picture you simply need to place his picture in the appropriate folder:

For batters - put the pictures in Player\Batters folder (located inside the game folder). For pitchers - put the pictures in the Player\Pitchers folder.

The file name should have an underscore between the first and last name.  For example, a  picture for Alex Rodriguez could have the name: "Alex_Rodriguez.jpg"

The player image must be 90 wide by 135 high.  The file format and extension name should be .jpg or .bmp.  We recommend jpg format because this will save space on your hard drive,  especially if you are using a large number of player pictures.

In some cases you might have two batters or two pitchers with the same first and last name. In that case you can use the "alias.txt" file to allow for separate pictures for each player.  An example is shown in the "alias.txt" file that is shipped with the game.  Sandy Alomar Jr. was called "Sandy Alomar" from 1990 to 1999 on the Strat-O-Matic disks.  Of course this might confuse him with his father who went by the same name on Strat-O-Matic disks.  The example "alias.txt" file shows how to make the program look for "Sandy Alomar Jr." as the picture file name instead of looking for "Sandy Alomar".  That way you can have separate pictures - "Sandy Alomar" for the father's picture and "Sandy Alomar Jr." for the son's picture.

The program will strip all periods out of the names before creating the file name to be searched for.  As an example, "Sandy Alomar Jr." has the period stripped out to make "Sandy Alomar Jr".  Then all spaces are converted to underscores to make "Sandy_Alomar_Jr". Then the file extension (".bmp" or ".jpg") is appended to determine the final name to be searched.  In this case it would be "Sandy_Alomar_Jr.bmp" or "Sandy_Alomar_Jr.jpg".   As another example, a jpeg picture for U.L. Washington must be named "UL_Washington.jpg" in  order for the program to find it.

Note: Due to licensing restrictions pictures are not included.
A: No, when you install a new version of the game over your older version all of your previously installed products (season rosters, ballparks, …) will automatically be recognized by the newer game version.
A: If you need to transfer to a new computer you should follow these steps:
  1. Open your game, click on and highlight your league and select the Backup League option from the League menu. Repeat this step for each league that you need to backup and transfer
  2. Copy your .LZP backup files (they will be located in the games CDROMBB/BACKUP folder) to a cd or flash drive
  3. Go to the File menu and select Remove Other Authorization to remove any add-on products codes that you have previously installed
  4. Go to the File menu and select Remove Game Authorization to remove your game product code.
Once you have done the above steps you can install the game cd to your new computer, activate your game and then restore your backup files by selecting the Restore League option from the League menu.
A: It is easier in this situation to just move the new game and do a normal upgrade. Backup your new league, remove your authorizations for the newer version of the game and then install your new game like a normal upgrade install over the older version. It is easier to move one new item instead of all your older ones.
A: Go to Options, Lineups and Usage and deselect the buttons for Automatic Transactions and Automatic Lineups. Once these settings are turned off, the game will not use the Asplayed mode.
A: Install the Asplayed version of your season, and then go to Options, Lineups and Usage and turn off the Automatic Transactions and Automatic Lineups.