A. Yes!  As anti-virus and other security programs continue to evolve they often use more generic signatures or heuristic-based detection to search for threats.  This sometimes causes false positives.  If a false positive is detected when scanning our software certain program files or DLLs might be removed or quarantined.  If you are running any sort of security program you might need to create an exception for our programs or DLLs if they are flagged in such a manner.  
Since there are so many different security programs, and because they vary greatly, we cannot explain how to create an exception for each product.  You will need to determine which security programs you are running and then you will need to find out how to create exceptions when needed.  We recommend that you do a search of the Internet similar to this: "how to create an exception with AVG Antivirus"  (of course, substitue the name of your security tool for "AVG Antivirus" in the search string).
Important - You may need to reinstall our software after defining your exceptions.  


A: No knowledge of the Strat-O-Matic board game is necessary in order to enjoy our computer game.  Of course, if you do have previous experience in playing the board game you will have a head start. But everything that is needed to understand and enjoy the computer game is included with your purchase. 
A: You will need to be running Windows XP or higher, have a CD-ROM drive, an internet connection, and at least 60 megs of free hard-drive space. 

Our software is Window 7 and Window 7 64 bit compatible. However, please check the notes below that pertain to the Windows Vista operating system.

***IMPORTANT*** DO NOT INSTALL THE GAME TO THE “PROGRAM FILES” FOLDER IN VISTA OR WINDOWS 7!  Vista and Windows 7 do not allow you to write data to this folder (instead it uses a virtual folder when you try to write data there).  Besides being confusing, this causes problems with our game.

The game must be installed with a user sign-on that has administrator privileges.  This will allow the DLLs to be registered properly. 

Also, when installing you might see an “Unknown Publisher” warning message.  If so, you should click “Run” to proceed.

Vista™ no longer supports Winhelp, which our program uses.  You can download the Winhelp viewer for Vista™ at the following link: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=82148


Windows 7™ no longer supports Winhelp, which our program uses.  You can download the Winhelp viewer for Windows 7™ at the following link: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=258aa5ec-e3d9-4228-8844-008e02b32a2c


A: Please refer to the Help File’s “Introduction to Strat-O-Matic Football” for a complete description of the game and how you can get started playing.
A: After installing a program or add-on, the game will automatically prompt you for an authorization code the first time you try to use that game or add-on. When the screen request comes up, make sure you are online, then simply enter your code into the box and click the OK button to complete your activation.
A: Your League Manager menu will have 2 choices, Remove Game Authorization or Remove Season Authorizations. When removing your codes, you should always remove your add-on authorizations first, then your game authorization last.

To Remove Season Authorizations, click the menu choice, type in the season year and click the remove button. Enter or your product code and click OK. Repeat this step for each add-on product that you have installed and need to remove.

To Remove Game Authorization, click the menu choice and enter your product code and click OK.
A: Our activation system allows you to actively install a product on only one computer at any time. You can remove and transfer your authorizations as often as you need to, but you can only have it active with one computer at a time.
A: Yes, you can use the Remove Authorization features on your game menu to remove or deactivate your codes. Once your codes have been removed, they are free to be reinstalled to a different computer.
A: If you do not have any internet access, you will have to use the Manual Transfer option. When you access a game or add-on for the first time, the program will request your authorization code. Enter the code in the box provided and click the button labeled Manual Transfer. On the Manual Transfer screen, make note of your User Code and the URL of the activation web page. Go to a computer with internet access, open the listed webpage URL and you will need to enter your product code and user code to submit. Once submitted, you will receive an activation code back. Write this code down, take it back to your Manual Transfer screen and enter it into the box there to complete your activation manually.
A: If you do not have any internet access, you will have to use the Manual Transfer option. When you click on either the Remove Authorization menu option, enter the code in the box provided and click the button labeled Manual Transfer. On the Manual Transfer screen, make note of your Removal Code and the URL of the de-activation web page. Go to a computer with internet access, open the listed webpage URL and you will need to enter your product code and removal code to submit. Once submitted, your authorization will be removed completely.

Note: Even though your game screen will note that the authorization has been removed successfully, the removal process will not be complete until your go to the deactivation webpage and complete the process.
A: If you are using the Manual Transfer registration procedure, your user, activation and removal codes are all temporary numbers. Do not save these codes for future use. Each time you install a product, new user, activation and removal codes will be generated. The only code that will never change is the actual product code from your registration card.

Note: Each product will have unique user codes. If you are installing multiple products (for example a game plus season rosters) you must complete the Manual Transfer step for each product. Each product will have a unique user, activation or removal code.
A: Yes, some products may be activated by product code or by one of our older floppy product disks. If this option is available, you will see a button labeled “Diskette Transfer” on the Authorization window. If you have a disk product, click the Diskette Transfer button and the game will prompt you to insert your floppy disk.

Note: If your floppy disks no longer work, or you have a computer with no floppy drive, then here is our Disk Exchange Policy:  If you have an old 3.5” season diskette that fails you can exchange it for a Product Code card for a $2 replacement fee, per diskette.  Mail back the diskette(s) and enclose $2 per diskette. We will ship back to you the replacement Product Code card(s).

As of 12/31/2010 this program has closed and we are no longer accepting disk exchanges

A: Unfortunately, the registration card is your record of the product code. Both the documentation and registration card itself explain that you should protect that card. It is the only record of your registration.
If the registration card has been physically lost, a replacement registration code would need to be purchased. Please contact the company at 1-800-645-3455 to inquire about replacement product codes.

Should you receive this error message you will need to have your product codes reset. Please contact SOM Support at techsupport@strat-o-matic.com with the subject “Reset Request” and request a product code reset.


If you have lost an authorization due to hard drive failure and you are not able to play the game (or seasons), then you will need to contact Technical Support at techsupport@strat-o-matic.com with the subject “Reset Request” and request a product code reset.  They will help you get back up and running.

A: Invalid product code means that you are either entering a code for a different product than requested, or you have entered your code incorrectly. Verify which code the game screen is requesting. If you have the right code you should verify the letters and numbers within the product code. All SOM product codes are 16 characters and have 7 letters and 9 numbers.
A: A firewall/security program is interfering with the transfer of the registration information. You should temporarily shutoff the program to complete the registration process. If you are unable to turn off your firewall/security software, you will need to use the Manual Transfer registration process to work around this issue.
A: Should you receive an Authorization Corrupted message you will need to have your product codes reset. Please contact SOM Support at techsupport@strat-o-matic.com with the subject “Reset Request” and request a product code reset.
A: To install additional season rosters insert your game CD-ROM and run the main installation program. On the main install screen where you can install the game, you will also find a series of buttons and checkboxes which will allow you to select any add-on season rosters for installation.
A: The problem is the Windows DPI setting.  Our game supports the standard DPI setting.  If you use “large size DPI” then certain text elements might get clipped and not display properly. Go to your Display Control Panel in Windows and set your DPI to “Normal” or 96 DPI.
A: Some displays may have difficulty with our Coin Toss animation graphics, which come on at the launch of the game screen. If you are experiencing crashes at this point, you need to go to the games install folder (default is Strat-O-Matic Football) and open and edit the SOMFBRULES.INI file. Inside you will find a setting labeled NoCoinToss=0. You need to change this setting to NoCoinToss=1 to turn off the Coin Toss animation and eliminate the crash.
A: nVidia’s “nView Desktop Manager” can cause the football game to crash or to hang. nVidia says that this utility may cause some applications to stop responding (which can be the case with our football game).

To fix this, open the nVidia nView Desktop Manager control panel by choosing:
Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel -> nVidia nView Desktop Manager.
Then uncheck the “Enable Desktop Manager” button and click OK. If you do not
see the nVidia nView Desktop Manager applet then you do not have it installed.
A: Make sure that you have the View Card Images turned on. Go to the View menu under the game screen to select this option.
A: After your season is complete you can create a playoff league by selecting Form Playoff League from the League menu on the League Manager screen.
A: From the League Manager screen, open your league and highlight a team by clicking on them. Select the Manage Team function from the Team menu and click the Manage Roster button. The Manage Roster screen will have button options to Trade a player, Release a player or Draft a player.
A: From the League Manager screen open your league and highlight a team by clicking on them. Select the Manage Team function from the Team menu and click the Manage Roster button. The Manage Roster screen will have button options to Trade a player, Release a player or Draft a player.
A: This error indicates a problem with your DAO module used for databasing. Please open and print the readme.txt file found inside the DAO folder on your game CD-ROM. This will contain directions for installing and updating your DAO module.
A: Sorry, the football game does not have any card-creation or editing features.
A: Some Strat-O-Matic rosters will contain “nameless players.” We are prohibited from using the names of these players due to licensing restrictions.  By default we give the player the name of his position.  For instance, the starting LLB on Washington for the 2003 season is one of these players.  His name is listed as “Left Linebacker.”  He is the only player for the 2003 season with this problem.  If you wish, you can use the player notebook to correct “nameless players” and assign them their real name.
A: If you have saved your box scores after a game, they can be viewed later by clicking on Reports, then Game under the League Manager screen.
A: To create a custom league you can select the New function under the League menu of the League Manager screen. You need to then assign your league a name and decide if you will create your custom league using stock teams (teams can be from any season you have installed) or as a free agent draft league. You now can select the number of teams, games in schedule and conference/divisional alignment.

Once these choices have been selected, you will be given the option to select which stock teams you would like to have in your league – or, if it is a draft league, which rosters to have in your free agent pool.

Once your league is created, a league with stock teams is ready to play. A draft league can be drafted from the Manage League Rosters screen.
A: The ability to host a game in Netplay is dependent on two items: giving your opponent the correct IP address to connect to and having your host computer free of any firewall/security measures that might block your opponent from connecting to you.  In addition, if you use a wireless router you will need to setup our port-forwarding properly.

To confirm your IP address, you should go to a website like http://www.whatismyip.com

There are three possible firewall/security measures that you might need to disable or configure to properly host a Netplay game:
  1. Windows Firewall. If you have XP or Vista, there is a Windows Firewall available that needs to be turned off. To turn off your Windows Firewall, go to the Control Panel, Network and Internet and you should find an option to access the Windows Firewall there.
  2. 3rd Party Software Firewalls. Any software firewalls like Norton Security, McAfee Security, and Zone Alarm, etc. need to be disabled or turned off. Open your respective software and follow directions for disabling or exiting that software.
  3. Hardware Firewalls. Any Wired/Wireless router and some combination modem/routers will have hardware firewalls built into them. These cannot be disabled or shut off. You will need to contact the manufacturer of your hardware and inquire about Port Forwarding. You need to Port Forward port # 6501 to allow the Netplay connection to pass through your hardware firewall security.
Wireless Routers can cause difficulty in playing all PC-based internet games.  That is because when a message is sent to your game from your opponent’s machine it gets delivered to the wireless router, which then needs to forward it on to your PC.  The mechanism to do this is called “port forwarding.” Every router has its own instructions for defining port forwarding, so the particular method of doing this for any given router is beyond the scope of the technical support that we offer.  However, there are good resources available on the internet that will help guide you through the process of setting up port forwarding for you router.  We recommend that visit http://portforward.com to determine the steps to setup your wireless router for Netplay.
A: Skincrafter refers to the graphics interface and graphics skins that we use in the program. If you want to try to turn the skinning off on the older computer, go to the main game install the Strat-O-Matic football folder, find the file named SOMFBRULES.INI and open it. The ini file is a configuration file that has a bunch of settings. Scroll about halfway down and you should see a line that says SKIN=STRATFOOTBALL.SKF. Change this line to SKIN=NONE and then click File and Save. This should shut off the skin graphics. If your machine is having an issue with that, it should then be able to load the game.
A: You can assign a picture to be used for a player either using the Picture button on the Player Notebook, or if you want to assign pictures to many players you can use the technique described here.

If you have set a player picture from the player notebook by pressing the Picture button, that picture will still be used and is saved in an ini file.  If this has not been set, then the program will look for a picture in the following formats and in the following order:

Ex. 2004 Donovan McNabb

1. 2004_McNabb_Donovan.bmp
2. McNabb_Donovan.bmp
3. quarterback.bmp (this is the default picture)

The pictures are to be placed in the graphics\pictures folder.  Each position has a default picture that is also located in this folder.  The file format and extension name should be .bmp.  Note: If you want to assign particular pictures for particular years you can create a folder underneath the graphics\pictures folder with the year name.  For example, make a folder called graphics\pictures\2005

and place the 2005 player pictures in that folder.  The game will search first the 2005 folder for the player picture.  If it can't find it there then it will search the main graphics\pictures folder.

The program will change all non-alpha characters (including periods, quotes and spaces) to underscores before creating the file name to be searched for.   As an example, "Y.A. Tittle" becomes "Tittle_Y_A_".  Then the file extension (".bmp") is appended to determine the final name to be searched.  In this case it would be "Tittle_Y_A_.bmp".  As another example, Ed "Too Tall" Jones becomes "Jones_Ed__Too Tall_.bmp" (notice that there are 2 underscores after Ed, that's because both the spaces and the quotes are changed to underscores).

1) Due to licensing restrictions pictures are not included.
2) The jpg format will only be searched for if building the yearbook, it cannot be used for the player notebook.  That is why we recommend using .bmp files for football player pictures.
3) All default pictures are located in the graphics\pictures folder
4) Case does not matter.
A: Do to the install procedures, very difficult to do. I do not get too many situations like this and those that do I just reset instead of explaining it. You would have to remove your current activation, install the old version, remove the old activation, repeat for each version you need to recover.
A: If you need to transfer to a new computer you should follow these steps:
  1. Open your League manager, open your league and select the Backup League option from the League menu. Repeat this step for each league that you need to backup and transfer
  2. Copy your .LEAG backup files (they will be located in the games Strat-O-Matic Football game folder) to a cd or flash drive
  3. Go to the League menu and select Remove Season Authorization to remove any add-on products codes that you have previously installed
  4. Go to the League menu and select Remove Game Authorization to remove your game product code.
Once you have done the above steps you can install the game cd to your new computer, activate your game and then restore your backup files by selecting the Restore League option from the League menu.
A: It is easier in this situation to just move the new game and do a normal upgrade. Backup your new league, remove your authorizations for the newer version of the game and then install your new game like a normal upgrade install over the older version. It is easier to move one new item instead of all your older ones.