1920 Baseball Cards

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1920 Baseball Cards

  • The team with four 20-game winners was the bad guys
  • Good guys: After star SS was killed by a pitch, they won the World Series
  • Believe it: Babe Ruth was a better slugger in ’20 than in ‘27

No chubby dude, in ‘20 Ruth was a lean, mean hitting machine (54 HR, .847 slugging), obliterating records beyond imagination. Baseball couldn’t imagine the rest of 1920, either: Cleveland SS Ray Chapman was the only player ever killed by a pitch. Then eight White Sox were banned for throwing the ‘19 World Series, just in time for Cleveland to win a three-team pennant race. Can’t get enough? Here’s more on the Roaring ‘20s

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1980 Football 6 Team Card Set
  • Wild: Raiders first Wild Card team to win Super Bowl, topping Philly
  • Also carded: Atlanta (12-4), Dallas (12-4), San Diego (12-4), Cleveland (11-5)
  • Perfect 10s: A record 10 teams win 10 games or more