2001 Football Cards & Season Roster

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2001 Football Cards & Season Roster

  • New sheriff in town: Patriots’ dynasty begins with defense
  • Rams 14-2 with No. 1 offense, Warner’s 4,800 yards
  • Steelers, Bears 13-3

All expected another Super Bowl win for 31-point-per-game St. Louis with record-threatening QB Kurt Warner and RB Marshall Faulk (21 TDs). But two new reputations were forged by upset winner New England. Coach Bill Belichick proved he could frustrate any opposing offense. And Patriots QB Tom Brady, who only became the starter when Drew Bledsoe was hurt with four games left in the season, showed his cool … Defense also ruled in Chicago and Pittsburgh.  


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Note: This product contains items for the board game and Windows game. The physical cards are designed for the board game and the season roster comes in the form of an authorization code, made for the Windows game.


Requires Version 4.0 or later to play

651 cards total, each team includes 14 offensive skill players, 3 elementary and 3 advanced defensive cards, as well as individual ratings of offensive linemen and defensive players.

2001 Football Ratings Guide
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