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  • “The Year of the Hitter”
  • Hack away: Wilson sets records for RBI (191), NL homers (56)
  • Bill Terry hits .401 (last man in NL to hit .400)
  • A new dynasty: Connie Mack’s A’s with Grove, Foxx, Simmons, Cochrane
  • Believe it: The Cubs were great for a decade, beginning now
  • Explosive offense from Ruth, Ott, Klein and Gehringer, too
  • Pennant fever: Yanks, Cards barely survive hot Septembers, A’s, Giants
  • Avengers: Ruth, Gehrig take no mercy on Cardinals to avenge ’26 Series
  • Lefty and Dazzy conquer the Lively Ball (not a Disney story)
  • Best of five: Chicago tops in race where only nine games separate top five teams
  • Blackball stars: 15 Hall of Famers include Bell, Charleston, Dihigo, Foster, Rogan, Wells
  • Twice as nice: Rated to play as a 10-team league or with 1925-29 Major League seasons
  • Abusive power: Ruth hits 60 HR, Gehrig adds 47
  • Greatest team ever? Yanks’ Murderer’s Row assassinates AL, Pirates
  • Buckle up for the NL’s three-team pennant race
  • Cardinals fly with first pennant, World Series; Yanks reclaim top of AL
  • Special K: Alexander fans Lazzeri with sacks loaded to settle Series Game 7
  • Ruth swats .372-46-146 with 144 walks, but runs into Series trouble
  • The underdog chases and bites: Pirates first to rally from 3-1 Series deficit
  • Rogers Hornsby’s second Triple Crown (.403-39-143) - while managing, too
  • Lou Gehrig takes over at 1B for the Yankees
  • Monarchs: First Negro World Series goes to Kansas City
  • Blackball Stars: 20 Hall of Famers and 44 others from SOM’s Negro League Stars set
  • The Black Ty Cobb: Oscar Charleston’s phenomenal season
  • No way! Rogers Hornsby still has the record: .424 batting average
  • Anything can happen: Lucky bounce = Senators’ only World Series title – ever
  • Babe Ruth hits .378 to win his only batting title
  • Yankees win first World Series in third straight Yanks-Giants championship
  • “The House that Ruth Built” – Yankees Stadium opens to record crowds
  • Heilmann’s .403 denies Ruth the Triple Crown
  • The Browns – the Browns! – almost win a pennant
  • Triple Crown: Rogers Hornsby’s mega .401-42-152
  • The second straight Subway Series: Giants win again
  • Indianapolis ABCs (Oscar Charleston) win five-team race in slugging 10-team league
  • Black Ball stars: 13 Hall of Famers, 36 more from SOM’s Negro League Stars set
  • Twice as nice: Rated for a 144-game season or integration with 1920, 1924 Majors
  • A new era: Babe Ruth leads the Yankees’ to their first pennant
  • The first Subway Series: Yankees vs. Giants
  • Did Detroit have the greatest OF ever?
  • The team with four 20-game winners was the bad guys
  • Good guys: After star SS was killed by a pitch, they won the World Series
  • Believe it: Babe Ruth was a better slugger in ’20 than in ‘27
  • Season Opener: SOM’s 1st individual season for the Negro Leagues
  • Blackball stars: Charleston, Lloyd, Rogan, Torriente among 12 HOFers, 42 SOM Negro Stars
  • Twice as nice: Rated to play as a 10-team league or with 1918-22 Major League seasons
  • The “Black Sox” throw the World Series
  • A sizzling AL pennant race with dueling 20-game winners
  • Babe Ruth becomes the greatest slugger ever – for the Red Sox!
  • Triple threat: Pitcher Babe Ruth also becomes an outfielder and a home-run champ
  • Triple crowns: Red Sox win third World Series in four seasons
  • Triples champ: Cobb leads in three-baggers (14) and batting (.382) yet again
  • True Giants: Were Negro Leagues’ Chicago champs better than Cubs, White Sox?
  • Blackball Stars: 9 Hall of Famers, 20 others from SOM’s Negro League Stars set
  • Mound Masters: Dick Redding, Smokey Joe Williams, Tom Williams, Juan Padron
  • Bad omen: Future “Black Sox” win it all
  • Bad memory: Giants, back in World Series, lose again
  • Bad hangover: Pete Alexander wins 30 again; his Phils second again
  • Go figure: Giants win record 26 straight – and finish fourth
  • Red Sox, Dodgers each finish first in three-way pennant races
  • Speaker (.386), Cobb (.371), Ruth (23-12, 1.75), Alexander (33-12, 1.55)
  • Babe Ruth wins 18 as pitcher, leads Red Sox in homers
  • Ty Cobb wins ninth straight batting title
  • Gavvy Cravath hits record 24 HR; his Phils wintheir first pennant
  • Rube Outsmarts ‘Em: Foster’s Chicago American Giants dominate
  • Blackball Stars: 8 Hall of Famers, 13 others from SOM’s Negro League Stars set
  • The Best: Big seasons for Cristobal Torriente, Smokey Joe Williams, Spot Poles
  • Miracle Braves make believers of Giants, then A’s
  • One last pennant for the $100,000 infield
  • The new-born Babe: 19-year-old Ruth debuts as Red Sox pitcher
  • Walter Johnson: 36-7, 1.14 ERA, 11 shutouts – read on
  • The Giants’ odd 0-for-3: 0 World Series rings after 3 straight pennants
  • Discover Gavvy Cravath: .341, record 19 HR, 128 RBI
  • “No man throws harder than Smokey Joe Wood” – Walter Johnson
  • Rube Marquard wins 19 straight
  • Owen Wilson’s record 36 triples
  • Chicago (Rube Foster) wins great three-way race with New York (Pop Lloyd) and St. Louis
  • Black Ball stars: 7 Hall of Famers, 11 more from SOM’s Negro League Stars set
  • Twice as nice: Rated for a 150-game season or integration with 1911 Majors
  • Ty Cobb’s greatest season
  • Home Run Baker earns his nickname
  • Giants literally run away with the NL pennant
  • Ace of Clubs: Athletics’ five-year dynasty begins
  • Ace of Diamonds: Jack Coombs wins 31, then 3 more in Series
  • Ace of Hearts: Final-game bunts let Lajoie outhit hated Cobb
  • Pirates rule, Cubs don’t: Wagner, Pittsburgh end Chicago’s dynasty
  • Two crowns in Detroit: Cobb’s Triple Crown, Tigers’ 3rd straight title
  • Maxed out: First World Series to go the distance
  • Western front: Rube Foster and Chicago seize power from Eastern elites
  • Dynamic Duo: Foster (31-6, 1.57), Walter Ball (29-11) dominate for Chicago
  • Futures Game: Young Pop Lloyd and Pete Hill, three other future Hall of Famers star
  • Outrage: “Merkle’s boner” allows Cubs to top Giants in wildest NL race ever.
  • Outrageous: Three AL teams also battle to the final day
  • Out of their minds: Ed Walsh wins 40, Mathewson 37, Three Finger Brown 29
  • Lucky ’07: Cubs win their first World Series; Tigers their first pennant
  • This Peach is keen: Cobb wins batting championship in his first full season
  • Four AL teams fought for flag till late September
  • Hitless Wonders stun 116-win Cubs in all-Chicago World Series
  • Three-fingered pitcher was 26-6 with 1.04 ERA
  • Teen Tiger: Ty Cobb, age 19, hits .316
  • 0+0+0 = 3 (wins): Mathewson’s three World Series shutouts
  • Deep Cy: OF Seymour hits .377, 121 RBI, 40 doubles, 19 triples
  • Waddell’s pitching Triple Crown: 27 wins, 1.48 ERA, 287 Ks
  • Wild One: One bad pitch spoils Chesbro’s 41-win season
  • McGinnity wins 35, Mathewson 33, Giants the pennant
  • Feud fight: McGraw refuses to play a World Series
  • Red Sox (!) win the first World Series
  • Honus Wagner’s Pirates win third straight pennant
  • 30-30 ammo: Mathewson, McGinnity both win 30 for Giants
  • Rube Waddell blows away the AL
  • Connie Mack’s first pennant
  • John McGraw fights the AL, then flees to become a Giant
  • The American League and modern baseball begin
  • Nap Lajoie wins the Triple Crown
  • Cy Young jumps leagues, wins 33
  • NL drops from 12 teams to 8
  • Brooklyn wins pennant in year before AL debuts
  • Batting champ Honus Wagner (.381)
  • Brooklyn wins 100 and pennant
  • The Spiders get stomped on
  • John McGraw, Ed Delahanty set batting records
  • Boston Beaneaters 1st to win 100
  • Teams play 150+ games for first time
  • Now 2 umps instead of 1 per game
  • Good vs. Evil: Boston Beaneaters end Orioles’ reign of terror
  • Willie Keeler hits in record 44 straight games
  • Honus Wagner enters the big leagues
  • Runaway champs: With 441 SB, Orioles win 3rd straight title
  • Delahanty (.397-13-126) 3rd in average, 1st in HR, RBI
  • Finally, every defender wears a glove
  • Rowdy Orioles are repeat champions
  • Cy Young leads with 35 wins
  • Sam Thompson: .392-18-165
  • Champion Orioles as rowdy as they are talented
  • Three .400 hitters in Philly outfield
  • It’s a 12-team National League (only) now
  • New mound distance increases offense, attendance
  • Boston Beaneaters win pennant with 3 of league’s 25 future Hall of Famers
  • Philly OFs Hamilton, Thompson and Delehanty are 1-2-3 in batting race
  • Boston wins 102 and first postseason series over Cleveland
  • Kid Nichols (Boston), Cy Young (Cleveland), Dan Brouthers (Brooklyn) star
  • NL, now the only major league, expands to 12 teams and 140-plus games
  • Boston boasts: Beaneaters win NL pennant; Reds win final American Association flag
  • 30-30 ammo: Hall of Fame pitchers Clarkson, Nichols each win 30 for Beaneaters
  • Late greats: 29 HOF players include Anson, Brouthers, Delahanty, King Kelly, Cy Young
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