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Hockey Selector Set

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Hockey Selector Set

  • Complete game with 5 teams
  • No restrictions on which 2017-18 teams you choose
  • All game parts included

This product includes all game parts.


Here’s your chance to sample the Strat-O-Matic hockey game at a reduced price. Or the chance to focus solely on your favorite teams. Perhaps you’ll want the four teams in the conference finals and Stanley Cup finals (Washington, Vegas, Tampa Bay, Winnipeg), plus your hometown team. Perhaps you’ll want the five teams from one division. The choice – and the fun – is yours!  
Powered by official averages and stats with exclusive Strat-O ratings;
Enhanced by hundreds of hours of unique Strat-O research and statistical analysis
90 total cards

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1951 Baseball Cards & Season Roster
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  • Giants trailed Brooklyn by 13 ½ before winning 16 straight
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