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Super Advanced Fielding Chart(cardboard)

  • 2 double-sided reference sheets
  • Used for fielding, bunting, hit-and-run, injuries and rest system
  • Sold separately from regular game parts

Sturdier than the paper versions of the Super Advanced fielding and strategy charts, this product also may be purchased at reduced cost when also purchasing all game parts. These charts contain rare plays in detailed play descriptions and more detailed systems for fielding and strategy. For instance, in Super Advanced play, fielders can yield hits and errors on the same play. Outfielders may make one-base errors. Super Advanced error ratings can be higher than Advanced ratings, too.

1973-74 Hockey 6 Team Card Set
  • Bully Flyers (112 points) are 1st expansion-team champs
  • Cup finals: Parent thwarts high-scoring Boston (113 points)
  • Chicago (105 points), Montreal (99), NY Rangers (94), Toronto (86)