1957 Football Corrections

By Glenn Guzzo

            Strat-O-Matic and Fred Bobberts, who did much of the research for SOM’s 1957 football season, announce corrections that should be made for 16 carded players who lack the asterisk * after their longest gain.

            The designation is significant for those using the SOM guidance to limit players’ running and pass-receiving gains to their longest plays, unless they have the asterisk. The asterisk signifies that the longest play was a touchdown. Presumably on such plays, the man would have been able to go further as long TDs tend to occur when the player is well ahead of defenders.

            In every case below, Bobberts notes, the stated yardage for longest gain is correct on the cards and computer. Just the asterisk is missing. These are the players needing the asterisk from the six teams that were carded by SOM.

LA    Joe Marconi                Should be 61*        PC and Carded
LA    Leon Clarke                Should be 70*        PC and Carded
LA    Lamar Lundy                Should be 34*        PC and Carded
Det    Jim Doran                Should be 65*        PC and Carded
Det    Jerry Reichow                Should be 32*        PC and Carded
Balt    Lenny Moore        Should be 55*        Should be 82*        PC and Carded
Balt    Raymond Berry                Should be 67*        PC and Carded
Balt    Jim Mutscheller                Should be 66*        PC and Carded
Cle    Jim Brown        Should be 69*                PC and Carded
Cle    Chet Hanulak        Should be 64*                PC and Carded
Cle    Milt Campbell                Should be 25*        PC and Carded
Cle    Ray Renfro                Should be 65*        PC and Carded
NYG    Kyle Rote                Should be 33*        PC and Carded
Green Bay    Don McIlhenny        Should be 40*        Should be 28*        PC Only
Green Bay    Howie Ferguson        Should be 40*                PC Only
Green Bay    Billy Howton                Should be 77*        PC Only
Chi B    Rick Casares        Should be 25*                PC Only
Chi B    Willie Galimore        Should be 67*        Should be 56*        PC Only
Chi B    Bobby Watkins                Should be 74*        PC Only
Pitt    Jack McClairen                Should be 48*        PC Only
Wash    Jim Podoley                Should be 82*        PC Only
Wash    Ed Sutton                Should be 17*        PC Only
Wash    Leo Elter                Should be 49*        PC Only
Wash    Steve Meilinger                Should be 34*        PC Only
Phil    Billy Barnes                Should be 67*        PC Only
Phil    Tommy McDonald                Should be 61*        PC Only
Phil    Bill Stribling                Should be 58*        PC Only
Phil    Rocky Ryan                Should be 46*        PC Only
Chi C    Ollie Matson        Should be 56*        Should be 75*        PC Only
Chi C    Joe Childress        Should be 39*                PC Only
Chi C    Lamar McHan        Should be 18*                PC Only
Chi C    Gern Nagler                Should be 83*        PC Only
Chi C    Woodley Lewis                Should be 53*        PC Only