1980s Diamond Gems Corrections

The 1980s Diamond Gems set includes a corrected sheet. Please replace the nine cards from the 1986 New York (NL) team included in the wrapped set with the cards on the extra sheet.

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  1. LANCESHULL says:

    There was another team that was like this when I ordered all 32 teams ,but I assumed they were just duplicate copies. How can I tell which is the original (for both teams) and which is the corrected version?

    Thanks! Lance Shull

  2. EDG says:

    I don’t know if you received an answer Lance, but I had the same problem. The 1991 Minnesota Twins have an extra sheet with no explanation. In the day, they’d at least enclose a note explaining these things. Equally, I had a few extra Hall-of-Fame Hockey sheets that I’m now beginning to wonder if they are corrections or duplicates. Meanwhile, my Twins remain unseparated as I don’t know what’s up with them…..We do have a 30 day window to return, but I don’t really want to do that either.

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