2019 Football Ratings Preview

The 2019 Football Ratings Preview is now available to download.
Please note that all linebackers, safeties and defensive backs now have Split Defensive Ratings to use with the new rule option. These ratings will be listed with two numbers: the first number is the pass defense rating and the second number is the run defense rating.
For example, Khalil Mack (CHI) is a 46. This means he is a 4 vs. the pass and a 6 vs. the run.
If you do not plan on using the optional Split Defensive Ratings, you should only use the first rating and ignore the second rating.
Some players, listed as “Cornerback” under Defensive Player Substitutes on their teams’ Defensive Rating Card, have higher ratings than one or both of the starting cornerbacks. These players were their teams’ primary nickel cornerbacks. For realistic play in both stock team and draft leagues, we recommend that they be used only when the defense is in a nickel or dime formation (a formation with at least five defensive backs) and NOT in place of the listed starting Left Cornerback or Right Cornerback. 
NOTE: Ratings Preview Updated on 7/2/20