Baseball 2012 Patch Updates

Strat-O-Matic has released the patch update for this year’s Windows baseball game (Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2012). The new update is Patch2012G.

To download and save the patch to your computer, click here.

1) If a DH was injured, the game was making you replace him anytime that you
went to the lineup screen for his team.
2) If a DH was injured then the other team’s DH would show up in the boxscore
as having subbed for him (this was just a cosmetic boxscore issue).
3) Players were sometimes starting games at positions they were not rated
for even though other players who were rated for that position were available.
NOTE: It is impossible to completely eliminate this possibility as injuries
and player usage settings sometimes result in having no players available
at a given position.  In those cases the code tries to substitute a player
who plays a similar position (for example, a second baseman for a short stop).
4) The DH rule was sometimes being set incorrectly for manual games.
5) In tournament mode the computer was sometimes starting a relief pitcher
who had a lot of innings pitched (Mike Marshall in 1974, for example).
6) Alias Database – The following players were not linked properly:
Francisco Rodriguez (LAA), Chris Carpenter (CHN), and Chris Carter (ANA).
7) When merging seasons into the encyclopedia database a message about
"deffield%" was sometimes displaying.
8) The Encyclopedia function "Manage Database Teams" was not displaying
the team names and giving a syntax error.
9) A number of problems were corrected in the "Manage Database Aliases"
a) It was showing the first (not the last) player record.
b) It was not displaying all information properly.
c) The alias database list box was not sorted by player name.
d) It was displaying an error message “no such column: Alias”.
e) The "Change Encyclopedia Database ID" button was giving a syntax error.
f) The "Delete Local Alias" button was not deleting the player.
10) If a human manager intervened and picked a pinch hitter for a computer
managed team then the computer manager would, in certain scenarios,
pinch hit for the pinch hitter. NOTE: We do not recommend overriding the
computer manager manually, and we cannot support all situations that
might result from doing so.
11) Use of the Update League function was wiping out the selection of the
"Limit all injuries to current game only" Max Rule.
12) The Career tab of the Team Notebook was showing incorrect earned run
averages and batting averages for the older seasons being read from the
assigned encyclopedia database.