Baseball Daily Media Experts League 2017- Week 4 Recap

We’re halfway through the Baseball Daily Media Experts League! Here is a look at the league standings after Week 4:


Highlights from Week 4:

  • Chad Finn (Hack Finns) leads the league in wins (53) with a +72 run differential
  • Jon Miller’s (Bora Bora Lagoon) pitching staff has locked it down, allowing 310 total runs, good for best in the league.
  • Division leaders: WEST: Finn (Hack Finns),  CENTRAL: Doug Glanville (Teaneck Steel Drums), EAST: Jon Miller (Bora Bora Lagoon)
  • HR Leaders: Mark Reynolds (Jared Diamond) – 33, Miguel Sano (Joe Sheehan) – 26, Giancarlo Stanton (Marc Stein)- 26, Mike Trout (Stein) – 26, Ryan Zimmerman (Doug Glanville)- 26, Aaron Judge (Jon Miller)- 26
  • RBI Leader: Zimmerman (Glanville) – 68
  • BA Leader: Mike Trout (Stein) – .348
  • Notable pitching performances: Chris Sale (Finn) – 13-2, 2.73 ERA, 1.03 WHIP; Clayton Kershaw (Sheehan) – 7-5, 2.29 ERA, 1.03 WHIP; Ervin Santana (Finn) – 11-1, 1.80 ERA, 0.85 WHIP; Gio Gonzalez (Stuart Miller)- 9-3, 2.39 ERA, 1.25 WHIP; Gerrit Cole (Will Leitch) – 8-3, 2.20 ERA, 1.12 WHIP
  • Doug Glanville’s team has slugged a league-leading 149 home runs in 84 games. Don’t mess with Teaneck.
  • Jon Miller has the best team ERA at 3.32. His pitchers have pitched 18 complete games!
  • It took 12 innings for Steve Gardner to complete the sweep over Jon Miller, but mission accomplished.
  • An 8-run first inning in Game 65 by Joe Lemire is more than enough to win the game against Doug Glanville and sweep their series last Monday!
  • Not to be outdone, Joe Sheehan’s Inwood Landfills score 9 in the first inning against Jared Diamond in Game 70.
  • A Mattoon Green Wave crashes over Derrick Goold and the Tower Grove Mundys in Game 77 to the tune of 26 runs in a 26-4 drubbing.
At the end of the league playoffs, Strat-O-Matic will be making a $1,000 donation to the winning team’s charity of choice.
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