Basketball V7 Is Now Shipping

Computer Basketball Version 7 is now shipping. Here is a list of the new features:

1) Expanded Computer Manager Minute Grids – The minute grid system on the "Computer Coach Instructions" tab has been expanded to 24 two-minute segments. This will allow you closer control over player usage and provides more opportunity to mix-and-match various lineups on your team.

2) Game Lobby Buddy Lists & Private Messaging – Private messaging and Buddy Lists have been added to the Game Lobby.

3) Game Lobby Challenge – A "Challenge" feature has been added to the Game Lobby allowing you to issue a challenge for a game to the community. Anytime users log into the Game Lobby they will see your challenge and can respond to it if they wish to take you up on it.

4) Game Lobby Sounds – We now support separate sounds to indicate the following events in the Game Lobby: Arrival of a gamer in the lobby, arrival of a buddy in the lobby, arrival of an opponent in your game room, arrival of a private message, announcement of a new challenge. You can use our supplied sounds for these events or define your own sounds.

5) Automatic Trades – Support has been added for Automatic Trades. This will allow your replay to follow along with the real-life trades.    The trade data for the current season is included with the game. We’ve also included Trade Files for the 1974-75 ABA season and the 1978-79 NBA season. Other trade files will be created and maintained by the user community.

6) New Seasons – Support for the 2008-09, 1974-75 ABA and 1978-79 NBA seasons have been added to the program.


1) The Blogger boxscore format has been improved.


Note: These data fixes cannot be used for seasons already in-progress. You must reinstall a fresh copy of these rosters in order to see these changes.

1) 1984-85 Chicago – Caldwell Jones – Normal passing column should read "3-20" instead of "3-21" Pos Shot.

2) 1984-85 Atlanta – Dominique Wilkens – Inside shooting column #6 should be blank instead of ",1-4".