Basketball Version 8.0 Updates




This year’s computer basketball upgrade is a "Maintenance Upgrade".  Maintenance Upgrades are priced lower than full upgrades because they do not include any new game features.  Maintenance Upgrades include bug fixes, the current season’s rosters, and support for newly released past seasons.


1) Support for New Seasons – Support for the 1971-72 ABA, 1977-78 and 2009-10 seasons has been added to the game.


2) Copy/Paste Buttons on Computer Manager Dialog – Even though we said that we were not adding new features for this year’s Maintenance Upgrade we just couldn’t resist giving you this ability.  There are new "Copy" and "Paste" buttons on the "Computer Coach Instructions" tab of the Computer Manager.  This feature will allow you to copy and paste entire lines from one line on the Minute Grid to another, and it can save you a great deal of time when setting up your computer manager.


3) Transaction Files – New transaction files have been added for the following seasons:  1966-67, 1970-71, 1971-72 ABA, 1972-73, 1973-74 ABA, 1977-78, 1982-83, 2003-04, 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08, 2009-10.  Previously released transaction files included: 1974-75 ABA, 1978-79, 2008-09 (updated for this release).




1) Fixed the bug where traded players were not being based upon their multi-team totals when computing the league leaders.


2) Fixed a problem that was preventing the Team Notebooks from displaying properly during games.


3) There was a problem with Automatic Trades when trying to move a player to an empty Free Agent pool that would result in the player record being lost.


4) A play-by-play glitch was fixed, the play-by-play was saying "Travelling" instead of "Traveling" for the violation.


5) Another play-by-play glitch was fixed, the game was sometimes announcing a "Def. Team Rebound" when an offensive team rebound had occurred.


6) The Restore League function was reporting on the status of the previously selected league immediately following the restore of the league.


7) Fixed a problem with Defensive Profiles in the Restore League function.  It now correctly determines whether or not you want the Defensive Profiles restored along with the league.


8) Fixed a play-by-play problems where the violation for not getting over half-court was always referred to as the "10 second" violation.  Starting with the 2001-02 season the NBA changed this to an "8 second" violation.  The the play-by-play system now supports both variations of this rule.


9) Fixed a problem where putback shots were not being allowed on the last Action Card of the quarter due to the clock expiring.


10) Fixed Multiple problems for seasons that have two players with the exact same name.  For example, the 1980-81 season had two players named "George Johnson" (Indiana and San Antonio).  Here are some of the problems fixed:

·      After releasing both players with matching names to the free agent pool you would sometimes not be able to draft the proper player to a team.

·      When using Draft-O-Matic the two players would be confused on a number of the dialogs including drafting, notebook, stats display

·      On the Computer Manager dialog the Usage percentage on the Eligible Players tab was incorrectly being computer based upon the usage of both players added together.


11) Fixed multiple rebounding problems after missed Free Throws

·      The rebounding graphic was not adjusting to account for the missed free throw rule

·      The board game rebounding system was not adjusting the ratings of the players vying for a rebound following a missed free throw.


12) An intermittent bug that was causing a crash in the Team Computer Manager Report has been fixed.


13) When creating a League Leaders list if there weren’t enough qualified player for 3-pt percentage then the HTML and blogger versions of the report were not aligned properly.


14) Batch Reporting is not compatible with Blogger, so the Print To Blog button has been removed from the Batch Reporting dialog.


15) When viewing Team Stats for All Teams data was being duplicated for the first team.


16) When using Simulation Board Game Play with the Computer Game certain results can be generated that were not on the original cards.  For example, an X+F(1) can occur on a Power Move even if the player does not have an X+F(1) on his card.  In these cases we now display a more descriptive message that indicates that this is not a bug.


17) The Production Rating in the Report Writer was being computed incorrectly.


18) After importing a game plan for the visiting team during the pre-game lineup selection the Offense and Inside positioning were not correct for that team until you visited the bench for the first time.


19) Netplay would hang after viewing Boxscores, the Query Team Strength dialog, or Updating Preferences.  As a result of the fix Netplay will only display these dialogs for the person who requests them.


20) Restoring saved Netplay games (by restoring Netplay.GAM file) has been fixed.


21) Restoring leagues had intermittent Access violations and "Roster not found" errors which have been fixed.


22) Batch Reports for Leaguewide Team Totals were not formatted properly, this has been fixed for all three of these reports (total / per game/ per 48 min).


23) Fixed a bug that was forcing you to generate computer managers for manual games for both teams before manual games.



Note: These data fixes cannot be used for seasons already in-progress.  You must reinstall a fresh copy of these rosters in order to see these changes.

·      1970-71 Changes

o   Atlanta Jim Davis should be 6’9" tall.

·      1973-74 Changes

o   Seattle Jim McDaniels Fastbreak column #2 should be blank and #3 should be "F2".

·      1975-76 Changes

o   San Diego and Utah players in the Free Agent pool did not have valid rebound ratings for use with the computer rebounding system.

·      1980-81 Changes

o   The schedule had the wrong starting date.  The season schedule had the starting date as "10/10/80" instead of "10/10/1980".  This has been fixed.

·      1981-82 Changes

o   The schedule had the wrong starting date.  It has been corrected to start on 10/30/1981.

·      1983-84 Changes

o   New York – Trent Tucker’s inside defense vs. Centers should be "2-9".

o   Philadelphia – Julius Erving Fastbreak Passing results 13-20 should be "FB Shot".

o   Atlanta – Tree Rollins Inside #3 should be "O,1-3" (note: the original board game card had it "X,1-3" but that was an error).

o   Philadelphia – Sedale Threatt’s inside defense vs. Center should be "2-12".

·      1984-85 Changes

o   Los Angeles L – The Close and Normal 3-pt columns were reversed.

o   New Jersey – Mike O’Koren Inside #7 should be blank.

o   Detroit – John Long Outside #11 should be blank.

o   San Antonio – George Gervin Inside #9 should be "BL".

o   Portland – Kenny Carr’s defensive rebound rating should be 97.

·      1987-88 Changes

o   Sacramento – Otis Thorpe Normal Passing Column results 4-19 should be Open Pos. Shot (not Dazzlers).