More Realism, More Fun in Computer Football Upgrade


 More Realism, More Fun in

Computer Football Upgrade



By Glenn Guzzo


            More than a dozen improvements have been planned this summer for when Version 10 of Computer Pro Football and Version 6 of Computer College Football are released.


Among the upgrades:


            -Interception returns individualized for each pro team. This is an optional rule. Now experience what made New Orleans’ defense better than its yardage stats: An NFL-best 25.3-yard return average (for a league-leading 5 TDs) on 26 picks (second best).


            -A “So Far Today” feature that provides a statistical update on the primary player from the previous play. Now you’ll know when a runner is approaching 100 yards or a receiver has achieved a record day.


            -A new timeout strategy that lets you wind down the clock to leave just enough time at the end of a half for one or two more plays. Now you can manage the clock just like the pro coaches.


            -A rule change that permits outside linebackers to double-team the third and fourth wide receivers on their side of the field. Now you can use the NFL’s more complex coverage schemes to disguise your defenses.


            -Another rule change for those using the Draft League Defensive Cards: If a pass completion to a double-teamed receiver goes for negative yardage, don’t let the double-team override the result. Keep the negative yardage, as that is the worst result.


            -A rule option that bans running backs from extreme over-use: An “exhausted” running back will be injured for the remainder of the game.



            -For both the pro and college games, there will be other improvements to the Game Lobby and for commissioners compiling league reports. 


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