New Hockey Updates


This year’s computer hockey upgrade is a "Maintenance Upgrade".  Maintenance Upgrades are priced lower than full upgrades because they do not include any new game features.  Maintenance Upgrades include bug fixes, the current season’s rosters, and support for newly released past seasons.
1) Support for New Seasons – Support for the 1963-64, 1972-73 and 2009-10 seasons has been added to the game.

1) Faceoffs following a penalty – There was a bug in the V9 game where the faceoff following a penalty was not always in the short-handed team’s defensive zone.
2) Encyclopedia  – Support for DAO 3.6 has been added so that the encyclopedia will work with newer Windows operating systems.  
3) Any Player Shot – The Offense rating has been added to this dialog to prevent confusion as to which players are eligible for an "any player shot".  According to the board game rules you should choose the player with the highest Offense rating to shoot.  If one or more players on the ice are tied with the highest Offense rating you should rotate the shots amongst those players.  The dialog now shows you enough information to do that without having to click on each player to see their Offense rating.
4) Deflected Shots – Deflection shots that resulted in a "Goalie Rating" reading were not registering the GR or GRS statistics for the goalie.
5) Goalie Injuries  – Injured goalies were not always being replaced at the end of the action following a rebound shot.
6) Comparison Report – On the Team Comparison Report the Replay penalty minutes were showing incorrectly.
7) Multiple Overtimes – When a game went into multiple overtimes the OT shot totals were only including shots taken in the first overtime period.
8) Edit Transactions – The program would crash when trying to edit League Transactions.
9) Goalie Minutes – Goalies were sometimes being credited with an extra minute played in the statistics.
10) Encyclopedia – Goalies AAvg and Player AG and AA were not being computed properly.  Note:  You must recreate your database and encyclopedia to see this fix.
11) Computer Manager – Fixed a floating point error that would appear if a traded player was still listed in the computer manager for a team.
12) Draft-O-Matic – Added an error dialog that prevents the draft from starting before the draft table has been generated.
13) Restore League – The program now tells you the league file name ("2010N", for instance) after the restore is complete to make it easier to locate the files on your hard drive.  This is especially useful if you have a large number of leagues.
14) Different number of Lines – Code has been added to support the home and visiting team having a different number of lines.  For example, the home team can now have 4 offensive and 3 defensive lines while the visiting team has 3 offensive and 2 defensive lines.  This change was made at the request of a draft league.  We do not recommend that it be used for replays. We also recommend that draft league commissioners set a league rule as to whether or not this capability will be allowed to be used in their league.

1) Goalie Starting %  – The help file has been updated to clarify that the Goalie Starting % will only be used if the League Lineup Option for player & goalie rest has been checked on.

Note: These data fixes cannot be used for seasons already in-progress.  You must reinstall a fresh copy of these rosters in order to see these changes.
1) 1960-61 Schedule has been corrected.  There were two invalid games involving Boston on 10/8 and 10/15.
2) 1997-98 The following players have been added:            
-Roman Turek, Dallas
-Kevin Hodson, Detroit
-Mark Wotton, Vancouver