Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2021 Patch

Version 2021g update Patch is now available. All users should download and install Version 2021g immediately. The 2021g patch is no longer needed, you can upgrade directly to version G from your original install.

Click here to download the  G patch for Baseball Version 2021


Three items were fixed when using the “2020 Rule Changes – ACTUALLY USED” rules:

1) A pitcher brought in at the start of the extra inning was not getting assigned the run if he allowed the runner on 2nd to score. That run was being assigned to the pitcher who previously pitched for his team. If that run turned out to be the winning run then the loss was also wrongly assigned to the previous pitcher.

2) A few random games were being played as 7-inning games even though the teams were not part of a double-header played after August 1, 2020. This problem has been identified and corrected in this patch. IMPORTANT: Note that if your league uses this rule setting and the schedule year is “2021” or later then all double-headers will be 7-inning games because they all are held after the August 1, 2020 hard-coded date.

3) The 3-BATTER MINIMUM RULE was not enforcing an exception to the rule. The exception is that if you bring back the pitcher for the next inning then the 3-batter minimum still applies. In our game it works this way: If the pitcher was not subbed for during your turn at-bat then you are allowed to immediately sub for him at the start of the next inning. However, if you do not make the sub at that point then the 3-batter minimum is re-instated for that pitcher.


Note: You must re-install the season to see data changes. Re-installing will erase the season you currently are running in your program. However if you have a league in progress you can also manually edit these player changes to avoid losing your current data.
2020 Imagined – Corrected Miguel Rojas’ RBI total and Zach Plesac’s Hits Allowed.
2020 World Series – League settings were corrected.
— Significantly updated the transaction files.
— Updated the Computer Manager “Batters” entries for pinch-hitters, pinch runners, and defensive replacements for all teams, both leagues.
— Updated the Computer Manager “Manager Tendencies”, all teams both leagues.
— Corrected the ALschpit.txt file names for Nelson Briles, Bill Champion, and Stan Bahnsen.
— (MNA) Replaced Tony Oliva with Jerry Terrel as leadoff hitter and second baseman in four early season games.
— Adjusted e0 players that were in error (all in NL).
— Modified lineups for two games, for DEA on 06/27 and CAA on 06/30.
— Updated the “1976 Readme file.txt” file (located in the Rosters folder), including adding notes for pinch hitters and pinch runners.
1972 World Series – Older card data was being used, this has been updated to use the newly released 1972 season card data.
1956 and 1956 As Played – Ruben Gomez, NYN should have a starter endurance rating of 6 and a relief endurance rating of 5.

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  1. butch.haber says:

    Is Ruben Gomez Endurance Rating A Correction Alos For C&D, Or Just The Computer Version?

  2. Colts19 says:

    is there a 202199 patch for pitchers hitting in Baseball Heroes III?

    1. butch.haber says:

      Colts19, You Mean C&D Or PC? Reply!!

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