Strat-O-Matic Basketball 2014 New Features

Strat-O-Matic’s Most Entertaining 
Basketball Game Ever
By Glenn Guzzo
            The sustained drama of the final two minutes in a close National Basketball Association game comes to life in the newest version of Strat-O-Matic’s Windows basketball game.
            Just as NBA coaches multiply late-game possessions with race-horse speed up court and quick-twitch timeouts, you will be able to squeeze extra plays out of the game clock in the final two minutes of close games.
            The high-intensity finishes and other new features make Strat-O-Matic Pro Basketball 2014 the most entertaining hoops game Strat-O-Matic has ever offered.
            There’s additional animation showing rainbow 3-pointers from the corner. There’s the drama of watching the dice tumble over card-image free-throw attempts. There’s new ability to see 3-point scoring and foul-drawing in the Query Team Strength feature during games. And view your Strat-O-Matic “career” stats in player notebooks by assigning an encyclopedia to a league.
            There’s more: Updated Twitter and Blogger support, boxscore improvements, NetPlay improvements, five more seasons with transactions files and a smarter computer-coach.
            Read all about it from the Help file: 
1) More Control in Last 2 Minutes of the Game – A new optional league rule allows you more control over the last two minutes of the game. Every closely played real-life game "slows down" in the last couple of minutes as coaches employ strategies such as timeouts and hurrying the pace of the game in order to win. This optional rule allows you more opportunities to call timeouts and also allows less time to come off the clock than the normal "flip of an action card" would. As in real-life, this can result in a few more opportunities in the last couple of minutes of a game. 
2) Free Throw Dice Card Image Dice Rolls – Free throw attempts are now displayed as a card image with dice rolling when the Card Image option is turned on during a game.
3) Career Stats in Player Notebooks – The encyclopedia function has been improved so that you can now assign an encyclopedia to a league. After making that assignment, you will see a new "Career Totals" tab in the player notebooks for that league. This tab displays all of the player’s stats for each season he has played along with career totals in all categories.
4) Query Team Strengths – This in-game dialog now also displays 3-Point Scoring and Foul Drawing information for each team.
5) Adjust GP and GS for Players – This new team menu item allows you to adjust the Games Played and Games Started for all players on all selected teams. This will be a time saver for Draft Leagues, and can also be useful for scaling up the targeted games in the computer manager for strike-shortened seasons (when you decide to play the original full-season schedule instead of the strike-shortened schedule).
6) Corner 3-Point Animations – Some 3-point attempts are now shown as being taken from the corners. 
7) Computer Manager Logic – The logic for determining when to leave a player open so that you don’t sacrifice having a defensive block man has been improved.  
8) Boxscore Improvements – The following improvements have been made to the boxscore:
  • Better handling of overtime periods in the boxscore display.
  • Improved logic for determining how to display the scores quarter by quarter. Overtimes now appear properly in all versions of the boxscores (in-game, end-of-game, prt format, html format). At half-time and in-between periods, the boxscore will not display the next quarters total since that quarter hasn’t begun yet, etc.
9) Overtime support for Quickplay – Support has been added to the Quickplay feature for Overtime. After entering an overtime period, you will be able to quickplay to a particular moment in the OT.
10) Blogger & Twitter Support Updated – Support has been added for the new Blogger API. IMPORTANT – You must read the note about setting up blogger in order to use this feature! The Twitter access code was also completely rewritten to support Twitter’s new API.
11) Transaction Files – Thanks to gamer Karl Coleman, new transaction files have been added for the following seasons: 
  • 2013-14 NBA
  • 1967-68 NBA
  • 1968-69 ABA
  • 1990-91 NBA
  • 1991-92 NBA
12) New Seasons – Support for the 2013-14 NBA, 1967-68 NBA, and 1968-69 ABA seasons have been added to the program.
1) Encyclopedia – The player alias system was not working properly for draft-leagues, so the alias was not being recognized.
2) Encyclopedia – The years 1999-2000 through 2008-09 did not function properly for aliases. Aliases were not working because the leading zero of the second year was not being used. For example, for 2004-05 you would normally type in "200405" in the alias.txt file, however the game was looking for "20045". This has been corrected, so if you created any aliases in the 5-digit format you should update them to use the proper 6-digit format with this release.
3) Tournament Mode – Disqualifications and Minutes Played stats were not always accumulating properly in the tournament totals.
4) Automatic Transaction – When clicking the "A" button to load all league players on the Add transaction screen, the Free Agents were not being included in the Player drop-down Combo Box.
5) Net Play Crash & Out of Sync Bugs
  • Net Play was crashing and/or getting out of sync when players were not keeping their card image options the same. When somebody who owns the card image option is netplaying with somebody who does not own the card image option, the card image option should not be used. Code has been added to prevent this situation.
  • Net Play was sometimes crashing when the F1 key was used to call for a timeout.
  • On 3-Pt Attempts Net Play was sometimes getting out of sync because one machine was attempting the 3-pointer while the other machine was taking another action (such as penetrating).
6) The 1975-76 ABA season did not allow players to foul out. The game has been changed to supports this, but only when both teams that are playing are from that season.
7) The animation of the shooter was not adjusting below a certain threshold of the slider control.
Note: These data fixes cannot be used for seasons already in-progress. You must reinstall a fresh copy of these rosters in order to see these changes.
1976-77 Changes
  • Rick Kelley NOR – should be RICH
1980-81 Changes
  • Bob Dandridge WAS – Shooting columns adjusted for better statistical accuracy
1982-83 Changes
  • Lester Connor GOS – should be CONNER
1990-91 Changes
  • Jed Buechler NJE – should be JUD