Strat-O-Matic Pitchers Home Run Derby 2016




With the Home Run Derby taking place tonight, our team at Strat-O-Matic thought it would be fun to show some love to the players who typically spend their time on the opposite end of the glory of a home run.  


That’s right. This is the 2016 #Pitcherswhorake Derby sponsored by Strat-O-Matic.


The simulation was set up with the batter cards of pitchers who are known for their hitting prowess. The participants were as follows (each number represents how many career home runs the player has):


Jake Arrieta – 4

Noah Syndergaard – 3

Adam Wainwright  – 7

Mike Leake – 6

Zack Greinke – 6

Yovani Gallardo – 12

Madison Bumgarner – 13


And, of course, everyone’s hero and the hit machine of legend…

Bartolo Colon, AKA Big Sexy – 1 big one


The pressure was on as players were only allowed ten outs over one round to make their case for the pitcher’s home run crown.


Arrieta led off and started hot with two home runs in his first three at bats but couldn’t keep up the pace, finishing with four home runs. Syndergaard, Colon, and Wainwright fell off as well, posting totals of three, one (to a riotous standing ovation), and two home runs respectively. Leake took the lead by knocking five out and Greinke followed with a disappointing three. It is important to note that the ferocity of Colon’s swing sent his helmet flying six times an average of three feet away.


It came down to the active pitcher home run leaders in Gallardo and Bumgarner to decide the contest. Gallardo took over the lead with two outs remaining as he crushed his sixth homer as part of a run of four in a row.  Bumgarner closed out the contest and it looked bleak for the current career leader as he came down to his final out with only two home runs on the board. Channeling the spirit of the Mad Bum, Bumgarner launched five straight home runs to win in walk-off fashion with seven home runs.


Final Results:

Arrieta – 4                            Leake – 5

  Syndergaard – 3                     Greinke – 3

  Colon – 1                              Gallardo – 6

                        Wainwright – 2                      Bumgarner – 7 (WINNER)

Congratulations, simulated Madison Bumgarner.  This crown should pair nicely with your inevitable even year World Series ring.
If you want to see our simulation using the actual participants of the 2016 Home Run Derby, click here