The Talk Show – October, 2010



Host: Glenn Guzzo


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Do you think Strat will make it possible to do zone blitzes as long as you can keep three men in short pass zone? And it would be fun do drop a defensive lineman back in zones and have linebackers and cornerbacks blitz.


Do you think Strat will have a fatigue rule for defenses? Now, only the running backs get tired after a certain amount of carries, but defensive players in the NFL get worn down in the 4th quarter and get fatigued. I would like to see them add a view of yards after a certain amount of plays.


 John Trent, Charlotte, NC


            While it would be great fun to duplicate the exotic blitzes we see in today’s NFL, I think it’s impractical.  We could overcome the lack of pass-defense ratings for lineman by calling all passes complete that call for the defender’s rating. We could overcome the lack of pass-rush ratings for cornerbacks by assigning a generic rating or a customized team rating. However, think about how complex the rules would have to become for assigning coverage and adjusting run defenses depending upon which player(s) change roles. Those rules are pretty complex now just to deal with all the offensive formations. For every new defensive position that contains a moving part, the complexity gets intense. I think that’s the same difficulty we would have if we allowed cornerbacks and strong safeties to move into run-support zones.


            That said, there’s nothing to prevent you from using your own home-brewed rules. For instance, you could send a cornerback to blitz or put the strong safety in run support, while requiring the free safety to take their place in the Short Pass zone. But you might prefer the current safety-blitz option to that.


            Anyone else out there who has adapted their rules to do this successfully?


Concerning defense fatigue, that’s interesting, particularly for defensive linemen who are used in rotation now. Maybe that’s something for the game company’s wish list. If so, mentioning it here will get it to the list.





Are there plans in the works to allow gamers to create players for the computer pro football game such as in the computer baseball game?

 J. Scott Brooks, Oceana, WV


  No, there are no such plans to do so in any other Strat-O-Matic sport. Doing so in baseball ultimately resulted in legal action Strat-O-Matic initiated against a gamer who marketed a complete set of players.





The 2009-2010 hockey set has several players who are listed as Center only (for instance Nashville’s Vernon Fiddler) and yet have shorthanded goal ratings indicating they scored on the PK last year. Based on the rules only skaters listed as Left or Right Wing can play on the penalty killing unit. Are we to assume that in the case of these players who are rated as Center only that we can use them in the Wing positions on the penalty kill?


Also, the overtime period is now 4-on-4 but, the rules haven’t been updated to reflect that change and again you have several outstanding players listed as Center only who would be prohibited from playing in the 4-on-4 formation in overtime. How do you handle this situation? Also, what do you do about line changes in overtime? So far, when we’ve gone overtime, my son and I have just thrown together two lines and played them four action cards apiece. I know there are no specific rules regarding OT but, would love to know how you play it out as I’m sure it’d be a great way for us as well.


Darrell Johnston


            Yes, any two forwards can occupy the penalty-kill spots. As for 4-on-4, I think most or all of us play it by allowing centers on the ice, but keeping the center position vacant on the board, per the written rules governing lineups with four skaters.


            For line changes during five-minute overtime, I shorten the lineup in overtime to three lines, using Line 1 for two minutes (3 cards), Line 2 for two minutes, and Line 3 for one minute (2 cards). But there’s nothing wrong that I know, rule-wise, with the way you do it.






Regarding the older baseball teams, what happens when you get a GB(P)X for the years before each pitcher had his own fielding rating? I don’t remember ever seeing this officially addressed anywhere. Thanks! Hope things are well with you. Will you be part of the Opening Day 2011 festivities? 


Chris Bacchi


            The pitcher hitting cards have fielding grades on them. Way back, pitchers were 3s. Since then, they became 2s.


            I wouldn’t miss the 50th Anniversary celebration on Feb. 12 in New York City. I’m looking forward to the excitement, the special events and the chance to see so many friends. I also expect to connect familiar names with unfamiliar faces. As I wrote in the Strat-O-Matic Fanatics book, finding other SOM gamers is like finding someone who shares your language. People who were strangers strike up the conversation and can keep it going forever.