Version 2015 Baseball Update Patch

Baseball Version 2015G Update Patch Now Available

NOTE: The game installer download has been updated to include version G now. Please confirm your version in the title bar of the program. If you already have version G you do not need to install the patch.

The version 2015G update patch is now available for download. We highly suggest that all Version 2015 users download and install this update immediately.
This patch includes an urgent update to correct an issue that can destroy data from previous versions.
The problem is that subset data created by previous versions of the game is not read properly by Version 2015F. Because of this, subset data would be destroyed if somebody continues a partially completed replay using Version 2015F. Even if the replay is complete, viewing older subset data is not possible with 2015F. Version 2015G corrects that situation.
The Version 2015G update also includes a fix for the Mike Leake (Cin) pitcher batting rating from 2W to 6N. In order to see this roster fix, you would need to reinstall the 2014 Season Roster. For leagues that have already started, you can update Mike Leake’s rating under Player/Update Player menu.

To download the 2015G update patch, please click here.