Does the game work with Windows 7?

Our software is Window 7 and Window 7 64 bit compatible. However, please check the notes below that pertain to the Windows Vista operating system.

***IMPORTANT*** DO NOT INSTALL THE GAME TO THE “PROGRAM FILES” FOLDER IN VISTA OR WINDOWS 7!  Vista and Windows 7 do not allow you to write data to this folder (instead it uses a virtual folder when you try to write data there).  Besides being confusing, this causes problems with our game.

The game must be installed with a user sign-on that has administrator privileges.  This will allow the DLLs to be registered properly.

Also, when installing you might see an “Unknown Publisher” warning message.  If so, you should click “Run” to proceed.

Vista™ no longer supports Winhelp, which our program uses.  You can download the Winhelp viewer for Vista™ at the following link: