2020 Bill James Handbook

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  • The most complete annual baseball guide
  • Exclusive stats on batting, pitching, fielding, base-running, managing
  • Lefty-righty breakdowns, player projections, career data for every 2019 player
Full Summary

For years, this annual baseball reference guide has been at the Strat-O-Matic player’s right hand – an early-autumn volume with data impossible to find elsewhere. In the era of the disappearing printed sports encyclopedias, this handy book has more data than any other printed publication. And it becomes more comprehensive every year. It shows how much and how well each player has played offensively, defensively and more.


  • Premier! Defensive Runs Saved Analysis (Separates Range from Positioning)
  • Exclusive! Annual Fielding Bible Awards
  • Transformative! Opener Usage Stats
  • Complete! Career Data for Every 2019 Major Leaguer (and a few top minor league prospects)
  • New! Hitter RBI Percentages
  • Unique! Win Shares, Career Targets, Shifts, Instant Replay Analysis
  • First! Hitter & Pitcher Projections for 2020