Diamond Gems: 1950’s Series Cards

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Diamond Gems: 1950's Series Cards
Include All Game Parts
  • Best of the Decade: 8 Great Teams
  • SOM’s Famous Single-Sided Old-Timer Teams Updated to Super-Advanced
  • Four WS Winners with Mays, Berra, Mantle, Aaron
  • Four Pennant Winners with Roberts, Snider, Lemon, Wynn
Full Summary

By popular demand, Strat-O-Matic expands its Diamond Gems franchise with teams from the beloved 1950s, all in Super Advanced format and fully compatible with prior Diamond Gems sets for teams from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

Six of the teams in this eight-team set have been represented in SOM’s first Old Timers set of single-sided cards, popular with gamers for 50 years. four World Series and four pennant winners:

  • 1950 New York Yankees (98 wins, World Series winner)
  • 1950 Philadelphia (91 wins, pennant winner)
  • 1953 Brooklyn (105 wins, pennant winner)
  • 1954 Cleveland (111 wins, pennant winner)
  • 1954 New York Giants (97 wins, World Series winner)
  • 1956 New York Yankees (97 wins, World Series winner)
  • 1957 Milwaukee (95 wins, World Series winner)
  • 1959 Chicago White Sox (94 wins, pennant winner)

But these eight alone offer endless entertainment with many of the greatest players in Major League history in their primes: Willie Mays (.345-41-110 in 1954), Early Wynn (22 wins, 3.17, in 1959), Duke Snider (.336-42-126 in 1953), Hank Aaron (.322-44-132 in 1957),  Mickey Mantle (Triple Crown in 1956 .353-52-130), Joe DiMaggio (.3301-32-122 in 1950), Bobby Avila (.341 in 1954), Yogi Berra, Roy Campanella, and many others who had their greatest seasons with these teams.