Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2019

Ship CD
Ship CD
  • Best Bosox: WS champs win franchise-record 108 games in three 100-win-team AL
  • Drama Kings: Two teams win divisions by one game; record number of walk-off homers
  • Hitting it Big: Rookies Ohtani, Acuna, Soto blast their way to stardom
Full Summary

Our base Windows game package that includes everything you need to get started with the best baseball sim game ever. Each game version includes the most currently completed season roster with your purchase. This game is based on the 2018 baseball season statistics.

New for Version 2019:


    • Send Report to Cloud – You can now easily send a report to the cloud for quick and easy sharing with others.  To use this new feature simply use the “Send to Cloud” file menu item while viewing a report.  Your report is uploaded to our cloud storage and the URL for your report is saved in the clipboard.  To share just use Ctrl-V to paste the URL for the report into an email, social media post, etc. There is no limit to the number of reports you can send to the cloud.  Note that your reports will be saved to our cloud server for 30 days. Also, this feature can only send individual league, team, and player reports so it cannot send complex reports like batched reports or yearbooks.
    • Support for new Starting Pitcher Endurance Ratings – For years the average number of innings pitched for starting pitchers has been declining.  Also, in 2018 some teams have experimented with starting relief pitchers and allowing them to go an inning before replacing them.  This change in real-life pitching patterns has prompted us to create new categories for the Starting Pitcher’s Endurance rating.  Previously the minimum rating was 5 IP.  We now allow starting pitcher to have endurance ratings below 5 IP, and as little as 1 IP.  Making this change required changes in the computer manager code as well in other areas of the program.  In addition, the following rules have been updated to support these new ratings:
      • 27.53 If a pitcher who does not have a rating as a starter must start a game, give him a POW inning of 1.(Previously the rating would have been “4”).
      • 27.54 For the year 2000 onward: The maximum number of innings a starter can pitch without fatigue is his POW inning, plus 2.  For the years prior to 2000: The maximum number of innings a starter can pitch without fatigue is his POW inning, plus 3.


    • Set Target Eligibles for 25 Man Roster – In recent years teams are carrying more-and-more pitchers on their 25-man rosters. A new league option allows you to set a target for the number of batters & pitchers to be made eligible when using the 40/25 method to manage your eligible list.  You can target to have anywhere from 10 to 13 pitchers eligible for your games.  Note that the target number cannot always be hit (due to roster make up, injuries, rest, etc.) however the game engine will try to get as close as possible to your target setting.  Note that after saving your target number you must either manually set the team’s default eligible list to the same target or use the Generate Computer Manager feature (which will use the target number when setting up the team’s default eligible list).  This target number can be set using the Lineups and Usage Options dialog.
    • CAREER TOTALS – This new Team Statistic Report requires that an Encyclopedia Database be assigned to the league.  After you have made the assignment you can run this report to view the career total basic statistics for all players on a team.  Note that as a player’s total within any given category approaches the next 100 mark that the number will be shown in red.  For example, when a player has hit between 195 and 199 career homeruns his total will be shown in red instead of blue.  This is to attract your attention to the fact that the player is approaching a milestone for that category.  This can add greatly to your enjoyment because by running the report before a series you can easily see which player (or players) might be setting a career milestone in your upcoming games.  Note: Because this report must process large amounts of data it will run a little slower than the standard team statistic reports.
    • Customize Defensive Shifts in Computer Manager – A new computer manager setting is available that allows you to customize how often the defensive shift is used for each team.  There are settings available to shift more, much more, less, much less, or a normal amount for each team.  “Normal” is the normal amount for the season you are using, and the other settings are relative to the normal amount.  There is also a setting that allows you to turn off shifting altogether for your team.  Starting with the 2018 season our current season rosters will include settings that reflect how often teams deployed the shift in real-life.
    • Warn When Actual Usage Exceeded – Some email leagues have very strict rules which prohibit players from being used once they have reached their real-life usage.  We have added a new checkbox on the Lineups and Usage Options screen to help prevent you from accidentally starting such a player.  Checking the “Warn When Actual Usage Exceeded” option will cause the game to notify you before the start of manual games that you are starting a player who has reached their real-life usage.  This will allow you to edit the lineups before starting the game to remove the player, as per your league rules.  Note that over usage for batters is measured by comparing At-Bats + Walks and over usage for pitchers is measured by comparing Innings Pitched.
    • Improved Support for Anti-Malware Security Software  – Some DLLs that we distribute with our software were being incorrectly flagged by certain anti-malware security software as potentially dangerous.  These false positive detections were preventing our software from running properly, and that required our customers to define exceptions within their security software so that our games could run.   To mitigate these problems we have replaced the affected DLLs with digitally signed versions.  This change should significantly lessen the chance of these DLLs being flagged as false positives by anti-malware software.  However, we cannot guarantee this will resolve the issue completely because false positive detections are common in the antivirus industry.
    • Allow errors not shown on SADV X-Chart – This optional Max Rule will allow certain error results to occur that do not appear on the Super Advanced X-Chart of the board game.  Turning on this option will allow a 1-base, 2-base or 3-base errors to occur for any outfielder with an e-rating of at least 1.  It will also allow 1-base or 2-base errors to occur for any catcher, pitcher, or infielder with an e-rating of at least 1.  To further illustrate, a centerfielder with an e-rating of 1 cannot make a 1-base or 3-base error when referring to the board game charts.   The reason that in the board game he cannot make a 1-base or 3-base error is simply because there was no way to fit that into the chart without requiring another dice roll in order to break out the types of errors.  That was deemed to be too much in terms of play-ability on the board.  However, this is not a concern in the computer game.  So the use of this optional rule allows for any type of error (E1, E2, or E3) for any outfielder based upon the frequency those errors occur in real-life.  As this is more realistic we recommend the use of this optional rule.
    • Pull Computer Managers / Batch Import of Computer Managers – The Cloud Hosting Pull Computer Managers function and the Batch Import Computer Managers function both now show the file names of the computer managers that were imported.  This will help you verify that the pull or import worked as intended.

Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2019 is necessary to play the the 2018,1980,2018 Hall of Fame,1912 negro league,1919 negro league,1933 negro league,1998 japanese league, and 2018 japanese league seasons

System Requirements: Requires Windows XP or higher (Note: older operating systems might work but will not officially be supported), 800 by 600 minimum screen resolution and an internet connection.

NOTE: Lo-Res Color Ballparks shown in screen shot are included with game purchase but Hi-Res Color Ballparks are an optional purchase.

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