Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2020

Ship CD
Ship CD
  • Nationals Treasure: First World Series title in franchise history without a home victory
  • Home Run Derby: Rookie Alonso, Twins lead sluggers who shatter HR record
  • Pair of Aces: Astros Verlander, Cole win 20, fan 300+, 1-2 in AL ERA
Full Summary

Our base Windows game package that includes everything you need to get started with the best baseball sim game ever. Each game version includes the most currently completed season roster with your purchase. This game is based on the 2019 baseball season statistics.

New for Version 2020:


    • Throttle “Monster” CardsAn optional Max Rule has been added to throttle back the cards of players who accumulated “monster” statistical averages while playing less than full-time.  For realism we have always recommended that these players should only be used in line with their real-life usage.  However, the problem still remains that they can be used in game situations in unrealistic ways – for example, pinch-hitting for an all-star with a batter who had 2 home runs in 8 at-bats.  To mitigate this we have introduced this new max rule.  The throttling of these cards (which occurs to both “monster” batters and pitchers) occurs internally via the use of random numbers (using a similar methodology as is used by other Max Rules).  While we do not disclose the exact method and amount of adjustment suffice it to say that these cards will not perform at the same level they would have without the use of this rule. The overall effect of using this rule will be to introduce some uncertainty regarding these players, which simulates what a real-life manager would experience.  The frequency that a “Monster” player gets throttled relates directly to his real-life usage.  Note that the more real-life usage a “Monster” player had the less often his card will be throttled.  Players with significant real-life usage will never be throttled (again, we do not disclose the exact cut-off points). 
    • Automatic Baserunner Outs on Groundballs with runner on 3rd Base – Automatic outs that baseruners on third would run into on groundball B’s have been eliminated if you toggle on the “Improve Baserunner RealismMax Rule.  This rule applies to situations where the batter hits a groundball B with a man on 3rd who is not forced and less than 2 outs.  In these cases the game will ask whether or not the offense wants to try to score.  If the runner is sent the game will ask whether or not the defense should throw home or take the sure out at first base.
      • 27.53 If a pitcher who does not have a rating as a starter must start a game, give him a POW inning of 1. Exception for years prior to 2018: If the pitcher started at least 1 real-life game then give him a POW inning of 4. Support for update to the Starting Pitcher Endurance Rule – Rule 27.53 has been amended to support pitchers who had at least one real-life start but were not given a Starter endurance rating.  This exception to the rule only applies for seasons prior to 2018 when Strat-O-Matic started rating starting pitcher “Openers”.  As an example, in 1977 Al Downing was a reliever who also started one game (as part of a double-header) and he was not rated as a starter.  Based on last year’s rule he would be given a POW inning of 1.  However, with this year’s updated exception to the rule, he will instead be given a POW inning of 4.  Here is the updated rule:
    • Batters With High Strikeout Totals – Support for more than 255 strikeouts has been added to the game.  A number of batters have totaled more than 200 strikeouts in real life, so it is possible in draft league play that 255 strikeouts might be exceeded.  The game has been improved so a batter can have up to 255 strikeouts vs. right-handed pitching and up to 255 strikeouts vs. left-handed pitching, totals that all baseball fans would agree should never be reached!
    • Team Schedule ReportThe team schedule report now displays the starting pitchers.  If starting pitchers have been assigned then the starter’s name will be displayed.  However, if that pitcher is not currently on the roster (which happens in As-Played leagues) then that will be noted on the report in place of the pitcher’s name.
    • Quick PlayThe Quick Play feature has been improved to let you play to earlier innings.  Previously it only let you start manual play beginning with the 6th inning.  However with some starting pitchers being pulled much earlier than they used to you may wish to stop play earlier to make appropriate substitutions.  To allow for this you can now tell Quick Play to stop from the 2nd inning onward.
    • Robbing Homerun Rule – The Robbing Homerun Rule (Rule 14.5) has been updated so that it is not to be used if the outfield is positioned In.   

Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2020 is necessary to play the the 2019,1962,2019 Hall of Fame,1915 negro league,1938 negro league and 1947 negro league

System Requirements: Requires Windows XP or higher (Note: older operating systems might work but will not officially be supported), 800 by 600 minimum screen resolution and an internet connection.

NOTE: Lo-Res Color Ballparks shown in screen shot are included with game purchase but Hi-Res Color Ballparks are an optional purchase.

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