Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2023

Ship CD

Ship CD

  • Rocket Men: Astros win 106, go 11-2 in post-season, beating Philly in World Series
  • All Rise: Judge sets AL HR record with 62
  • Old and New: Pujols 700th HR, Cabrera 3,000th hit and a stellar rookie class
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Our base Windows game package that includes everything you need to get started with the best baseball sim game ever. Each game version includes the most

Our base Windows game package that includes everything you need to get started with the best baseball sim game ever. Each game version includes the most currently completed season roster with your purchase. This game is based on the 2022 baseball season statistics.

New for Version 2023:

  • Win Expectancy – Win Expectancy indicates the chance that a team has to win a particular game at a specific point in that game.  Win Expectancy is displayed below the scoreboard totals of runs/hits/errors and is indicated as a percentage.  For example, if it displays “WEx:BOA 54%” that would indicate that if you replayed the game from that point over-and-over again Boston would be expected to win the game approximately 54% of the time.  In addition, the Play Account (“PAC”) report now displays the Win Expectancy so you can see how it has changed over the course of the entire game.  For additional information please see the Win Expectancy topic.
  • Play Account (“PAC”) Report – The Play Account report has been improved to display a running score of the game (always shown on the right-side of the report as the visitor score followed by a hyphen and then home team score) and the Win Expectancy as described above.  In addition, while playing the game you can now display the Play Account report directly by clicking on the Win Expectancy “WEx” section which is displayed below the scoreboard totals of runs/hits/errors.
  • MLB Rule Changes Support for MLB’s 2022 and 2023 rules has been added.  The 2022 MLB Season featured a number of rule changes including the Universal DH Rule, expanded playoffs, the Ohtani Rule, roster size and maximum number of pitcher restrictions, continuation of the Extra Innings baserunner rule, and elimination of 7-Inning double-headers.  The 2023 MLB Season will ban the use of the Defensive Shift.
  • Normalize Error RatingsAn optional Max Rule has been added to support the Normalize Error Chart being published for the board game.  If you select this option then during game play all error ratings will be normalized to the year 2000.  This will be useful if you wish to “level the playing field” between players of different eras when they are mixed together in a league.  It can also be used to cut down on the number of fielding errors that you experience when playing with older seasons.
  • Approaching Career Milestones  – The pre-game  Game Notes report can now display career milestones that are being approached.  This will be useful for ongoing multi-season projects.  To enable this feature you must first build an encyclopedia database of the previous seasons and assign that database to your current league.  After this has been done a new section will appear in the Game Notes displayed at the start of the game for your league.  Note that this feature is similar in nature to the Career Totals report but it’s a bit more convenient since the milestones being approached will automatically display before each game for both teams.  The following is an example of what this section of the Game Notes report will look like using the 1953 season with an encyclopedia that includes replays for the 1950, 1951, and 1952 seasons.
  •  Max 4 or 5 Innings Setting Added – The individual Computer Manager Pitcher Settings for starting pitchers now allow you to indicate that the maximum number of innings this pitcher may go is either 4 or 5 innings.  The game previously had support for a max of 6 or 7 innings so you now can decide to limit the starter anywhere from 4 to 7 innings before forcing the computer manager to remove him for a reliever  
  • Super Hal Pinch Hitting and RunningThis dialog now includes a “Generate” button that will completely regenerate all pinch hitting and pinch running lists.  This provides a quick and easy way to sort these lists into a reasonably good order.  The Generate Computer Manager function has also been improved to use the same logic when generating the default pinch hitting and running lists.
  • League Manager Screen – Batter and Pitcher Counts – When you click on a team in the League Manager Screen the game now displays the total number of batters and pitchers on that team’s roster.  Also displayed is the number of batters and pitchers who are currently eligible.  When you click on “Free Agents” the total number of batters and pitchers who are in the Free Agent Pool is displayed.
  • Filter by Primary Position Sort Players has been improved to allow filtering of players by Primary Position.  To use this feature first select a position to filter on and then check the “Filter by Primary Position Only” checkbox.  This will come in handy when searching a large pool of Free Agents to narrow the list of displayed players to a more manageable number.

Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2023 is necessary to play the the 2022, 1976, 2023 Hall of Fame, 1946 negro league and Japan Stars,  

System Requirements: Requires Windows XP or higher (Note: older operating systems might work but will not officially be supported), 800 by 600 minimum screen resolution and an internet connection.

NOTE: Lo-Res Color Ballparks shown in screen shot are included with game purchase but Hi-Res Color Ballparks are an optional purchase.

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