1965 Baseball Game

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1965 Baseball Game

  • Minnesota wins first pennant, but not World Series
  • Giants win fight, lose pennant battle with Dodgers
  • Why Koufax might be best ever: 26 wins, 2.04 ERA, 382 Ks

This product includes all game parts.


Another fight to the death between arch-rivals included star Giants pitcher Juan Marichal (22 wins, 2.14 ERA) suspended for a critical late series in LA after hitting Dodgers C John Roseboro over the head with a bat. LA (Maury Wills stole 94 bases) beat SF (Willie Mays his .317-52-112) by 2 games. The Twins won their first pennant as Tony Oliva won his second batting title in his second year of play.


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1911 Negro League Baseball Season Roster
  • Chicago (Rube Foster) wins great three-way race with New York (Pop Lloyd) and St. Louis
  • Black Ball stars: 7 Hall of Famers, 11 more from SOM’s Negro League Stars set
  • Twice as nice: Rated for a 150-game season or integration with 1911 Majors