2003-04 Hockey Cards

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2003-04 Hockey Cards

  • Lightning strikes: Tampa Bay wins Stanley Cup
  • Record 10 teams with 100+ points
  • Calgary returns to Cup finals after 15 years

Detroit rocked with a season-best 109 points, but nine doors down, Colorado and New Jersey had 100 points. The talent spread was wide. Calgary’s Jarome Iginla, Atlanta’s Ilya Kovalchuk and Columbus’ Rick Nash tied for most goals with 41. In a post-season with a storm of upsets, the Lightning had to play only one of the top 10 teams to win the Cup for the first time. Scoring leader Martin St. Louis (94 points) of Tampa was the season MVP and teammate Brad Richards was the playoff MVP. Can’t get enough? Here’s more.  


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1908 Negro League Baseball Season Roster
  • Western front: Rube Foster and Chicago seize power from Eastern elites
  • Dynamic Duo: Foster (31-6, 1.57), Walter Ball (29-11) dominate for Chicago
  • Futures Game: Young Pop Lloyd and Pete Hill, three other future Hall of Famers star