2004 Baseball Game & Additional Players

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2004 Baseball Game & Additional Players

  • Bambino’s curse ends: Red Sox win Series
  • Bonds wins 6th MVP, Clemens 7th Cy Young
  • 171 additional players, including “total cards”

This product includes all game parts.


The Red Sox not only ended the Curse of the Bambino – no World Series victories since 1918 after trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees – they chased it away for good. First, the Sox had to become the first team to overcome a 3-0 playoff deficit – against the Yankees. Then they swept the season’s most successful team, the 105-win Cardinals.


The Additional Players include the popular “total cards” that show the combined statistics for players traded between leagues in mid-season. In 2004, there are 32 total cards, including those for Carlos Beltran and Nomar Garciaparra. Other Additional Players include men with limited time, but may have had the at-bats or starting pitching assignments you want for a detailed season replay.


Powered by official averages and stats with exclusive Strat-O ratings;

Enhanced by 1200 additional hours of box-score analysis and in-depth research


837 total cards including 27-card mixed player group and 171 additional players Two-sided cards for basic, advanced and super-advanced play

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