2006-07 Hockey Game

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2006-07 Hockey Game

  • Ducks win their first Cup; Senators in first finals
  • Buffalo’s best season
  • Crosby, Malkin lift Pittsburgh

This product includes all game parts.


A new world order in the NHL. Though Detroit again had the best season record, Buffalo also had 113 points and led in goals (308). Ottawa finally made it to the Stanley Cup finals, but Anaheim won it for the first time. In his second season, Sidney Crosby won the MVP and led with 120 points. Teammate Evgeni Malkin was the top rookie and the pair made Pittsburgh a 105-point team, up 47 in one year. Crosby and fellow second-year man Alex Ovechkin (46 goals) were first-team all-stars. Can’t get enough? Here’s more.  


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