Football Play Selectors

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Football Play Selectors

  • Two-sided selectors for Basic, Advanced play
  • Two selectors, one for each team
  • Used to select play type and ball carrier/intended receiver

This product is included with purchase of entire Game Setup or any Deluxe Game with cards.


In Basic play, the selector is used by the offensive coach to choose one of six plays and one of six receivers or runners. The defensive coach selects only pass or run. The Advance play selector has 10 offensive plays, indicating left or right direction on Flat Passes, Off Tackle runs and End Runs. The defensive coach selects pass or run, but also whether to key a runner or double-team a receiver.

1882 Baseball Season Roster
  • American Association debuts in future NL cities
  • AA champ Cinci, NL champ Chicago in post-season series
  • Dan Brouthers (.373) and Pete Browing (.378) lead their leagues