Strat Tournament Players Club

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Strat Tournament Players Club:

Strat Tournament Players Club is an organization which serves Strat-O-Matic Baseball enthusiasts. STPC is devoted to the promotion of Strat-O-Matic Baseball tournaments, and in particular to the conduct of a yearly National Championship tournament. We have six different regions—the West, Jasper (Midwest), the South, E.A.S.T., Netplay, and PureStrat

We offer three types of play:

  • Live weekend tournaments that begin Friday night or Saturday morning and end Sunday night.
  • Online Netplay tournaments that are played using the Strat-O-Matic computer game (NetPlay Option).
  • Online PureStrat tournaments played live via Skype and using an online dice roller and the SOM cards.

There is really something for everyone here—the intense action of a weekend of head-to-head play, and the building drama of a tournament that starts with an online draft and over the course of a month allows you to play four-game series against every division opponent. All tournaments ultimately conclude with playoffs that lead to a World Series, and of course there are always cash prizes to be won.

How to Join:

To request membership in the Strat Tournament Players Club (STPC), send an email to the address below.  Please include your name, home town and the e-mail address that you’d like us to use to contact you.  We’ll be in touch.


For information on each specific region, please follow the links below:







STPC Official Website:

For more information on the STPC, please visit


Ken Biss Wins in Orlando (10/17/2023)

Steve Dufresne Wins in Albany (10/15/2023)

Paul Ferraro Wins August PureStrat (9/26/2023)

Team of Dave Deichert and Dave Morley Win in Pittsburgh (9/18/2023)

Ken Biss Wins in Sebastian, FL (9/13/2023)

Peter Waterstreet Wins in Portland (9/10/2023)

Larry Braus Wins August NetPlay (8/31/2023)

The STPC is an independent organization. Strat-O-Matic Media, LLC has no role in the STPC and no direct affiliation.