A. Yes!  As anti-virus and other security programs continue to evolve they often use more generic signatures or heuristic-based detection to search for threats.  This sometimes causes false positives.  If a false positive is detected when scanning our software certain program files or DLLs might be removed or quarantined.  If you are running any sort of security program you might need to create an exception for our programs or DLLs if they are flagged in such a manner.  


Since there are so many different security programs, and because they vary greatly, we cannot explain how to create an exception for each product.  You will need to determine which security programs you are running and then you will need to find out how to create exceptions when needed.  We recommend that you do a search of the Internet similar to this: "how to create an exception with AVG Antivirus"  (of course, substitue the name of your security tool for "AVG Antivirus" in the search string).


Important - You may need to reinstall our software after defining your exceptions.