Patch Updates for Current Game Releases

Please Note for All SOM Windows Games - Due to recent Windows Updates you may experience problems while installing or launching a SOM game. If you encounter errors please locate your Setup.exe program (normally will be saved in the Windows Downloads folder) then follow these directions:
    • Right-click the Setup program
    • Select "Properties"
  • Select the Compatibility tab
  • Check "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"
  • At the bottom of the screen check "Run this program as an administrator"
  • Click OK
Gamers should also note that this problem can also occur when clicking your game file/icon to launch the game. If you experience a similar error when trying to launch the game please follow the above directions by right clicking on the game file/icon and make the same adjustment

Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2020

Version 2020f update Patch is now available. All users should download and install Version 2020f immediately. The 2020e patch is no longer needed, you can upgrade directly to version F from your original install.

Click here to download the F patch for Baseball Version 2020


1) An intermittent memory crash that was occurring at end of games has been fixed.


1) "Improve Baserunner Realism" Max Rule - The change that eliminated Automatic Baserunner Outs on Groundballs with runner on 3rd Base had a bug. In first and third situations when the runner on third was held the batter was out however the runner on first was not advancing to second base. 2) The Lineup dialog was allowing a double-duty player to both pitch and play the field if a certain sequence of steps was taken when invoking the dialog. 3) Play-by-Play - The original MLB Frank Thomas (who played from 1951 to 1966) was being referred to as "Big Hurt". This has been corrected in the nickname file. In addition, various spelling errors were fixed. 4) Cloud Storage - The "Upload League to Cloud" function now displays a message indicating success after the upload has completed. 5) The computer manager was bringing in a double-duty play defined as a defensive sub even if he was already in the game as the pitcher.  


Note: You must re-install the season to see data changes. Re-installing will erase the season you currently are running in your program. However if you have a league in progress you can also manually edit these player changes to avoid losing your current data. 1) 2019 Major Leagues Data Corrections * REGULAR SET - Moved Keon Broxton, NYN from Non-Carded Players to Multi-Card. REGULAR SET - Moved Adalberto Mejia from STL to LAA in Major Leagues. AS-PLAYED - Some double-headers had the day and night games reversed in the schedule. REGULAR & AS-PLAYED - Changed Adalberto Mejia's team code to LAA. 2) 2018 Major Leagues Data Corrections * AS-PLAYED and UPDATED - Some double-headers had the wrong starting pitchers assigned. 3) 2016 Japanese All Stars * The 2016 Japanese All Star roster had the MLB players instead of the Japanese players. 4) 1962 World Series * The league was not re-started so you would see an error message when first clicking on it. 5) 1900 Major Leagues Data Corrections * Changed "Bill Dineen" to "Bill Dinneen" in the Pitcher's Hitting league. The name in the main roster was correct. 6) Alias Database A replacement alias database is included with data corrections to improve the Encyclopedia’s matching capabilities.

Football Version 2019

An 2018 Season Data patch is available for Version 2019 Football, all users should download and install the patch immediately. Please click here to download and save the version 2019 data update patch to your computer. To install the update simply double click on the file where you have saved it to. This is a data-only patch. The Football program will not be updated by this patch.
  • Marvin Hall, Atlanta, Short Pass Wrong #8 s/b +14
  • Case Keenum, Denver, Rushing Stats s/b 26/93 3.6 avg
  • Matt Barkley, Buffalo, Int% s/b 0.0
  • T.J Jones, Detroit, YAC Rating should be E
  • Andy Dalton, Cincinnati, Must Run #2 s/b 21
  • Los Angeles (NFC) Short Pass 3 man #9 Int s/b 2-5
  • Los Angeles (NFC) Short Pass 4 man #9 Int s/b 2-6,11,12
  • Los Angeles (NFC) Long Pass 1 man #7 Int s/b 2-5,11,12
  • Los Angeles (NFC) Long Pass 2 man #7 Int s/b 2-8,12
  • New England Advanced Long Pass 1 Man column, #5 s/b +31, #11 s/b +30
  • New York (AFC) Advanced Long Pass 0 Man column, #5 s/b Defender X or LG
  • York (NFC) Advanced Short Pass 3 Man column, #2 s/b +14 2-9/X 10-12

  • ***Important: You must start a new league to have the following changes take effect!***
  • Changes for Buffalo:
  • Allen starts on 9/9 for Peterman.
  • Anderson starts on 10/21 and 10/29.
  • Anderson gets additional start on 11/4 for Peterman since Allen was injured at that time.

  • College Football Version 2018

    There are currently no patches available for Version 2018 College Football

    Hockey Version 2018

    There are currently no patches available for Version 2018 Hockey

    Basketball 2018

    There are currently no patches available for Version 2018 Basketball Patch Archives: