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Episode 4: Marc Sessler

 Episode 4 features Marc Sessler of NFL.com. Dan and Marc discuss his Strat-O-Matic article on NFL.com, his love for Strat-O-Matic, his passion for the Cleveland Browns, and the important lessons that football fans can learn from Strat. Marc also details some of his favorite Strat football memories and replay teams. (Recorded 10/31/16)


Episode 3: Glenn Guzzo

Episode 3 of the Strat Chat Podcast features Strat's own Glenn Guzzo. Dan and Glenn discuss the many hats he wears at Strat, his meticulous methods for creating the most accurate ratings possible, and some of his favorite Strat moments from the community. (Recorded 9/19/16)


Episode 2: Jeff Polman

Strat Chat is back with Episode 2! In this episode, Dan calls in Strat-O-Matic blogger and replay specialist Jeff Polman to talk fanhood, sports fiction and recreation, and Jeff's career and love of the game. (Recorded 8/18/16)


Episode 1: Brett Carow and Adam Rosen




Welcome to Strat Chat, a new podcast brought to you straight from Strat-O-Matic HQ! If you wanna hear some Strat celebs, get updates about various goings-on in the Strat World, or you just love hearing stories about your favorite game, Strat Chat is for you!

This first episode features longtime outgoing Marketing and Sales Director Adam Rosen and his protégé Dan Rozel, as they call in Brett Carow, the Ultimate Strat-O-Matic Fanatic. They cover Brett's card-based cake, his successful Guinness World Record attempt and talk about some of his experiences in his over 14,000 (!) games played. (Recorded 6/30/16)


In this podcast, Steve excerpted a portion of an off-the-cuff conversation that Steve and Glenn had AFTER the Baseball Preview show. The guys started talking about 'ringer' cards and Steve thought it was worthy of release.
Post Interview Conversation with Glenn Guzzo.mp3

Steve chats with Glenn Guzzo about the 2013 baseball game, some groundbreaking ratings and answers a few questions from the Strat Fan Forum.
Baseball Preview 2013.mp3

Steve makes up for missing a September podcast by swinging for the fences and interviewing Strat-O-Matic creator, founder and president, Hal Richman. Steve asks Hal numerous questions that members of the SOM Fan Forum wanted Hal to answer. It's a fun broadcast that you don't want to miss!

Hal Richman podcast interview.mp3

Steve talks with Fred Bobberts about the release of the college football game and breaks down the Top 10 QB cards of all time (including two from the newly released 2011 set).

College Football v2012.mp3

Steve talks with Fred Bobberts about the highlights of the 1980 & 1993 football seasons. Can the '80 Raiders repeat their playoff run? Just how good is the '93 Cowboy offense? All that and a lot more on this great stroll down memory lane.

1980 & 1993 Football Season Reviews.mp3

Steve Reiter talks with Mike Kane about the Football Ratings Guides being released for all existing seasons, how they're a benefit for draft leaguers AND stock team guys, as well as breaking down the Top 10 combined defensive ratings, the Top 10 RB's and the Top 10 Pro QB's of All-Time.

All-Time Football Ratings Guides Show.mp3

Steve Reiter talks to Brett Carow and Sam Hennemann about their World Record 61 hour Strat-O-Matic board game marathon.

World Record Recap Show.mp3

Steve Reiter talks about the 2011 Football Ratings Guide and grills Glenn Guzzo about Tony Romo, Aaron Rodgers, Dan Orlovsky, the Bills' offense, Victor Cruz vs. Hakeem Nicks and one of the more anticipated RB cards of the last few years, Willis McGahee.

2011 Football Ratings Guide Show.mp3