2009-10 Basketball Ratings Guide

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Basketball Ratings Guide: 2009-10

By Jason Blaze


With the start of the fall, once again it is time to start thinking about Strat-O-Basketball! Thanks to Strat-O-Matic for allowing The Dazzler to post the first-time Basketball Ratings Guide for the 2009-10 season. Now instead of just pouring over NBA statistics to prepare for your draft, you now can preview Strat-O ratings to gain an edge over your opponent. The Basketball Ratings Guide will provide insight into the important areas for draft leagues such as positions, offensive ratings, shot column calculations, passing, defense and rebounding.

Positions – includes rated positions and minutes at each position.
Offensive Ratings – includes shooting rating and tendency as well as three point shooting.
Shot Columns – includes both position and open shots at each of the areas: outside, penetration, inside and fastbreak.
Passing – includes a points-per-pass calculation as well as dazzlers in both the halfcourt and the fastbreak.
Defense – includes block ratings, defense column and x-column defense.
Rebounding – includes both offensive and defensive rebound ratings.

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