2013 SOM Basketball Ratings Preview

2013 SOM Basketball Ratings Preview
By Glenn Guzzo
            Once the soon-to-be-released Strat-O-Matic Basketball cards and computer rosters are in the hands of eager games, top scorers are always in demand. But you already know who they are – Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, etc.
            Here’s a sneak preview of the ratings that show which players can fill multiple roles in a versatile, well-balanced lineup that can take on any foe and win playing any style.
            Let’s take this moment to salute the players who have something so special to offer that, if you have them, few of your opponents can match it.
  • First, pay tribute to the King, the MVP and the champ, LeBron James. He can shoot (2-rated shooter) and score, of course. He can play all five positions and is a power defensive rebounder at four of them. He dazzles with his passing (1-17 dazzlers Normal, 1-10 Fastbreak). He’s the only man who can play guard with a block rating of at least 1-5. He’s one of only four men with a blank X column for Outside defense (the others are Luol Deng, Paul George and Ande Iguodala).
  • In a field with 18 players who have double-figure dazzlers in Normal passing and 32 who meet that mark in Fastbreak passing, Chris Paul flashes special style with his ratings of 16 and 18 for the Clippers. Denver’s Andre Miller (16) and Detroit’s Jose Calderon (15) are the only other carded players with at least 1-15 dazzlers on the break … For Normal dazzlers, only Rajon Rondo (18) and James (17) can top Paul, though Ricky Rubio, Jrue Holiday and Gilbert Vasquez can equal Paul’s 16.
  • Dwight Howard may be the most intimidating all-around inside defensive presence, with a 1-13 block rating, a 5 defensive rebounding rating at center and one of only six men with blank X columns for Inside defense. Indiana’s Roy Hibbert has the blank X and 1-18 blocks. Amazingly, however, Hibbert is a 0 defensive rebounder at center … The other blank X columns Inside belong to Tyson Chandler, Marc Gasol, Joakim Noah and Zaza Pachulia.
  • How special is ageless Tim Duncan? His defensive rebounding is 33 at power forward and 13 at center. His blocks are 1-17 and his Inside defense is 2-4. He’s still got that 2 shooting rating as well … For younger and meaner, Milwaukee’s Larry Sanders can board at both ends (4/14 at RF, 3 / 4 at Center), block with the best (1-20) and defend (2-4 Inside).
  • You want to order something rare? Atlanta’s Josh Smith is the only player in the set with the double-double for passing and shot-blocking (1-10 Normal dazzlers and 1-10 blocks).
All 372 carded players are shown in the attached spreadsheet below, with their rebound ratings at each position they may play. Also shown are the Shooting ratings for all 1+ players. If the 1+ column is blank, assume a Shooting rating of 0.
Click here to download the 2013 SOM Basketball Ratings Preview.