2017F Update Patch Now Available for Football Version 2017

Football Version 2017

  An update patch is available for Version 2017 Football, all users should download and install the patch immediately. 
Please click here to download and save the Version 2017F update patch to your computer. To install the update simply double click on the file where you have saved it to.
-Netplay Spectator Mode was hanging, this has been fixed.
-The Netplay module has been improved to provide greater stability

Data Fixes in Version 2017F
-2016 Season there were no YAC ratings for OL/TE combo players. 28 such players have been updated
All previous fixes from version 2017E are also included in the F update

– Netplay was issuing spurious disconnect messages.  This version should mitigate that problem by allowing 20 seconds for a response from the server before a message is posted indicating a disconnect.  If that does happen then you should be able to exit the game gracefully and after re-establishing a connection to your opponent you should be able to resume your game.  In the event either player loses his internet connection you should use the Game/New Game menu item and wait for the connection to be restored.  Then restore the saved game as per the following note:
***VERY IMPORTANT NETPLAY NOTE*** – You should always use the "Auto Save After Each Play" Game Option for Netplay games!!!  If you are disconnected you must restore the "_autosave.sof" file to continue playing.  If that will not work then try restoring the "_autosav2.sof" file (which is the state of the game one play earlier).  Do not restore your own manually saved game files as they may be in an unstable state due to the disconnect!!!
– In rare circumstances a message was being displayed after the "Game Over" dialog button was clicked that indicated "Error in Get Team" and subsequently the game would not respond.  While we were not able to recreate the problem we have added code that will hopefully prevent this problem from occurring.  If you experience the problem please take a screen shot of the error message and email it to techsupport@strat-o-matic.com.
– Bryce Petty, New York AFC, Linebuck Right #9 s/b F 0 2, 0 3-12
– HB Christine Michael, Green Bay, HB – Rushing Longest gain was incorrect
– Buffalo Advanced Long Pass 1 Man column, #12 s/b +31
– Green Bay Advanced Long Pass 1 Man column, #4 s/b +31
– Minnesota Advanced Long Pass 1 Man column, #4 s/b +31
– Philadelphia Advanced Long Pass 1 Man column, #4 s/b +31