2022 NFL Thrills and Chills, Part II

By Michael Kane

Here’s a brief summary of the highlights and lowlights of Strat-O-Matic’s new football ratings:



Oh Yeah!        TE Andrews rated as SE with 9 LP combos wrong, Dobbins and Edwards 5+ ypa but…

Oh No!            Running back by committee, Drake has the most carries with 109


Oh Yeah!        Excellent vs run, Houston 12*1 off bench

Oh No!            Poor Pass D, keep the free safety home, 11 LG combos Long Pass 0 men plus 2-7,12 on #2

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        Tucker FG good 2-8 33 to 41 yds … Duvernay KR TD on #3

Oh No!            Tucker rare missed XP



Oh Yeah!        WR Diggs with max and 2-tmd catches at every depth. QB Allen 27 SG chances ERW and +36 on #12, 2 7 pass blockers

Oh No!            Allen 2-10,12 int LPR, RBs fumble 2-7 right


Oh Yeah!        Good to Excellent Run D

Oh No!            Minimal pass rush outside of Rousseau and Miller, 3 4’s on d-line

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        Hines KR TD #3

Oh No!            Blocked punt, missed XP



Oh Yeah!        RBs only fumble on 2 guessed right, Burrow LP LG on #9, maxed flat, Chase maxed plus 2tmd combos

Oh No!            Left side of O-line is 0 run blockers


Oh Yeah!        Hendrickson (11) and Hubbard (10) rated as OLB and DE, Excellent vs the run.

Oh No!            Cornerbacks are 0 and 4

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        +4 penalty advantage

Oh No!            McPherson 2-10 XP, defensive PR 14/10/8



Oh Yeah!       Watson 21 ER SG Chances, Chubb with SG Right at #6 across the card and 49

chances of SG+ in all, LG OT

Oh No!            Both tackles 0 run block


Oh Yeah          Garrett 6 12*7, short pass D card good

Oh No!            4 zeroes in front 7 vs run, poor run D

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        Peoples-Jones PR TD #3

Oh No!            PR 21/16/11, York  FG 2-8,12 13-22 yds



Oh Yeah!        RB Murray can move the chains if you hit on the edges

Oh No!            QB Wilson struggles guessed right, 0 run block a C and LG


Oh Yeah!        Long Pass comparisons on #11 and 12 with 1 man, Surtain gets his 6, SS Simmons 6 vs pass

Oh No!            Zeroes at LE and NT, Line Buck 1 man SG on #8

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        McManus 22 TB chances plus 4 in end zone but…

Oh No!            2-10 on XP



Oh Yeah!        RB Pierce LG on OT wrong and +75 on ER wrong, LT Tunsil 6/7, RT Howard also 7 pass block

Oh No!            Mills Long Pass interceptions on #9, zero run blocking at C and LG


Oh Yeah!        Long Pass comparisons 1 man on 11 and 12, only 8 combos SP 3 men, 3 with 4 men

Oh No!            Everybody is a 4 or 0, poor run D, SG on 7 and 8 for all 3 run plays with 0 LB plus on 8 for LB and OT with 1 LB

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        KR Defense 10/11/12

Oh No!            PR defense LG on 12



Oh Yeah!        RB Taylor solid, 12 chances for SG or better ER wrong, Ryan maxed Flat, 4 fives on o-line run blocking

Oh No!            Ryan only 2/7 long pass, interception prone short and long


Oh Yeah!        Three fives on D-line for run defense, Long Pass 1 man comparison combos on 11 and 12, only other completion chance is a partial split on 3, corners 5 and 6 (Gilmore)

Oh No!            Two starting LB with 0 pass rush, short pass has 14 solid combos for completion

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        Shortest return on #1 returner is 25 yards

Oh No!            Blocked punt, KR defense 23/20/26, lots of fair catches for both returners



Oh Yeah!        RB Etienne LG on 10 End Run wrong, three sevens for pass blocking and …

Oh No!            Three zeroes on the O-Line for run blocking, RB fumbles 2-8,12 guessed right


Oh Yeah!        Keep to the right, both LBs (inside and outside) are 6 vs the run, RCB is also a 6

Oh No!            D-Line is all fours, weak pass rush

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        PR defense is 3/5/4, 70 yard punt on 2 and…

Oh No!            a 17 yard punt on 12, missed XP on 12



Oh Yeah!        QB Mahomes LG on 8 Long Pass, 23 chances for a SG or better on End Run, Kelce maxed flat and short, 15 chances LP wrong with 6 LG chances, 2 tmd results as well, o-line has 2 sixes and 2 fives run blocking, 3 sevens and 2 fives pass blocking

Oh No!            Boring, fumble-prone RBs will force pass-game stars to be great Right (Glenn wrote this last year, nothing changed, fumbles are 2-6,11,12 guessed right)


Oh Yeah!        DRT Jones gives KC rare inside pass rush power (10) (Glenn also wrote this last year but Jones is now a 6 12*5), both CBs are fives, no SG on run D

Oh No!            Poor pass D has a completion chance with 3 men on everything but the interception on 9, LG on 4

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        PR coverage 8/5/3, offsides is on 4, 2nd best punt average in set

Oh No!            XP 2-10, kick coverage 26/23/32



Oh Yeah!        RB Jacobs is a beast, SG across the board on 9, LG on 12 for LB and ER, +86 on 12 OT, both tackles are 5/7, WR Adams max across the board, 10 LG chances Long Pass wrong, has 2 tmd chances

Oh No!            Only 38 carries behind Jacobs.


Oh Yeah!        Maxx Crosby 6 12*1, LP 1 man has split on 3 for only chance for a completion other than defender comparions

Oh No!            No pass rush (both zeroes) from OLBs, chance for a completion Short Pass with 3 men on everything but 9

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        KR coverage 13/11/16, K Carlson 2-8,12 FG 33-41, P Cole 2nd best avg in set

Oh No!            XP Miss on 12, longest PR is 17 yards, PR coverage 16/11/10 



Oh Yeah!        WR Allen max FP/SP, pass blocking has 3 fives and 2 sevens

Oh No!            Offensive tackles are both zeroes for run block


Oh Yeah!        Both CBs are fives and SS James is 66, send the linebackers…ROLB Khalil Mack 56 12*1, both left side linebackers are tens but…

Oh No!            other than Mack, LBs are zero vs run, run D card is bad also

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        PR coverage 1/2/3, KR coverage 10/11/12, both tied for best in set, only 5 KO chances not a touchback or in end zone

Oh No!            K Dicker 2-3 from 33-37 yards 



Oh Yeah!        Tua LP LG on 8, Mostert SG across the board on 6, Wilson SG across the board on 9, 2 seven pass blockers, 2 six and 2 five run blockers, Tua among top 5 cards, WR Hill maxed in all columns plus 2 tmd combos

Oh No!            Running backs struggle guessed right


Oh Yeah!        Linebackers 3 fives and a 6 vs run plus 6 LE and 6 LCB

Oh No!            Limited fumble chances, 0 NT, d-line pass rush 3-1-3, very poor pass D, SP 3 men chance for completion on everything but 9

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        K Sanders 2-10 or better to 32yd line

Oh No!            Missed XP on 11, KR coverage 30/29/LG, oh for the days of Don Shula, a set worst minus 6 for penalties



Oh Yeah!        QB Jones max FP, O-Line 3 five run blockers and 2 seven pass blockers, Stevenson good guessed right

Oh No!            RBs fumble 2-6 guessed right, only one receiver has LGs.


Oh Yeah!        Judon 56 12 *9, Uche 12*4 off bench, excellent run D

Oh No!            D-Line is all 4’s

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        PR Jones TD on 2,

Oh No!            Blocked punt; XP miss 11-12, KR coverage 35/26/LG and only 15 TB chances



Oh Yeah!        RB Hall top 15 card but in limited attempts, whoever plays QB will have 2 fives and 2 sevens blocking for him

Oh No!            RB fumbles 2-6,12 guessed right, RT and RG are zero run block


Oh Yeah!        6 at each level, Sauce at LCB, MLB Mosely 56, RT Williams 6 12*3, Lawson 10 pass rush at RE, Long Pass comparisons on 11 and 12

Oh No!            Cover the flats, LBs 0-5-0 vs pass, do not force fumbles

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        Putting the defense in a good spot…K Zuerlein has 26 TB chances (tied for most in set) plus 5 more in the end zone along with KR coverage 10/11/12

Oh No!            XP miss 12; 18 yd punt on 12, PR coverage 13/8/LG



Oh Yeah!        RB Harris SG on 11 across the board, RBs only fumble on 2 guessed right, 3 fives and a seven pass blocking

Oh No!            QB Pickett hits the fence, 6/14 short and 1/4 long, RB Harris struggles guessed right


Oh Yeah!        ROLB Highsmith 45 12*10, RE Heyward 6 with 11 pass rush, Fitzpatrick 66 FS, best interception chances in set

Oh No!            No forced fumbles, run D spotty, 0 LCB

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        Sims 89 yd KR, PR coverage 1/2/3

Oh No!            KR coverage 31/28/30, Boswell 2-7,12 from 23 to 32



Oh Yeah!        RB Henry is a big play machine, Tannehill maxed flat and 20 completions short wrong to keep defenses honest

Oh No!            No pass blockers better than 4, RB fumbles 2-6 guessed right


Oh Yeah!        Excellent run D plus 6-5-5 d-line, FS Byard 56

Oh No!            Very Poor vs Pass, LBs 0-4-0-0 vs pass

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        Stonehouse best punter in set, 52 yards on 9…

Oh No!            going to need every yard, PR coverage 19/14/3, XP miss on 12, flags everywhere 13 for Tenn, 12 for opponents