2008 Baseball Range Ratings Preview

2008 Baseball Range Ratings
Below, you will find links to the Range Ratings Preview for the 2008 Baseball Set. You can view them as a web page on screen in HTML format or you can download an XLS (Microsoft Excel) spreadsheet file. Click on the appropriate link for the format you desire.
This sheet lists players, by teams, with their appropriate range (1-5) ratings at each position they qualify at. This list contains only batters fielding ratings. For more detailed info about the 2008 baseball card set you may wish to purchase the 2008 Ratings Book which will be available in early-mid January.
Please take note of the following codes. You will see one of the following abbreviations next to a players name under the CARD column.. The abbreviation refers to the type of card he will receive. Here is the defintion for each abbreviation:

Reg: Regular Team Cards
Mix: Mixed Player Group
Add: Additional Player Cards
Comp: Computer Player Only (no printed card)

There a few batters with no range ratings, they were either DH’s or played no time in the field but had at-bats. Pitcher range ratings are not included in this file.

A player with a split rating (basic/advanced) will have for example 2-B3. This means he has a 2 rating in the advanced game and a 3 rating in the basic game.
** Please note: This information posted is current as of 12/15/08. THESE RATINGS MAY NOT BE FINAL AND ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
Make sure to save or download the XLS file, do not try to open it with your browser while online.