Baseball Daily Media Experts League 2017- Week 3 Recap

Who’s hot and who’s not in the Baseball Daily Media Experts League? Here is a look at the league standings after Week 3:


Highlights from Week 3:

  • Doug Glanville (Teaneck Steel Drums) still leads the league in wins (42) with a +92 run differential
  • Chad Finn’s (Hack Finns) pitching staff still reigns supreme in run suppression. Their 220 runs allowed are the lowest in the league.
  • Division leaders: WEST: Finn (Hack Finns),  CENTRAL: Doug Glanville (Teaneck Steel Drums), EAST: Jon Miller (Bora Bora Lagoon)
  • HR Leaders: Mark Reynolds (Jared Diamond) – 23, Miguel Sano (Joe Sheehan) – 23, Ryan Zimmerman (Doug Glanville)- 22 , Mike Trout (Marc Stein) – 22
  • RBI Leader: Trevor Story (Diamond) – 56
  • BA Leader: Ryan Zimmerman (Glanville) – .352
  • Notable pitching performances: Chris Sale (Finn) – 9-2, 2.34 ERA, 1.03 WHIP; Clayton Kershaw (Sheehan) – 4-3, 2.35 ERA, 0.94 WHIP; Ervin Santana (Finn) – 9-1, 1.43 ERA, 0.76 WHIP; Gio Gonzalez (Stuart Miller)- 7-1, 2.17 ERA, 1.30 WHIP
  • Doug Glanville’s team has slugged a league-leading 124 home runs in 63 games…feels like a broken record at this point!
  • Jon Miller has the best team ERA at 3.13.
  • Game 45 for Jared Diamond and Jon Miller was our longest of the season. a 20-inning affair was ended by MVP frontrunner, Mark Reynolds.
  • A crazy 6-run rally in the top of the 9th propelled Jared Diamond over Will Leitch in Game 29! 
  • A 9th inning rally gives Doug Glanville the win over Marc Stein in Game 50, strengthening his grip on the Central. 
  • Stein was also on the wrong end of a 9-run 7th inning by Steve Gardner as well…but is on the right end of an 11th inning win over Chad Finn!
  • One 5-run inning powers Stuart Miller to a win over Will Leitch in Game 62…3 errors did not help the cause there!
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