Baseball Daily Media Experts League 2017- Week 7 Recap

 One week left in the regular season of the Baseball Daily Media Experts League! Here is a look at the league standings after Week 7:


Highlights from Week 7:

  • Chad Finn (Hack Finns) leads the league in wins (94) and is the first to clinch a playoff spot by virute of dominating the West. Doug Glanville is on the brink with a magic number of 1!
  • Finn’s pitchers continued to stay solid and he continues to lead the league in runs allowed with 542.
  • Division leaders: WEST*: Finn (Hack Finns),  CENTRAL (magic number 1): Doug Glanville (Teaneck Steel Drums), EAST (magic number 10): Jon Miller (Bora Bora Lagoon)
  • HR Leaders: Giancarlo Stanton (Marc Stein) – 48, Mark Reynolds (Jared Diamond) – 44, Mike Trout (also Stein!) – 44, Aaron Judge (Jon Miller) – 44
  • RBI Leader: Nolan Arenado (Joe Lemire) – 113
  • BA Leader: Buster Posey (Steve Gardner) – .327
  • Notable pitching performances: Ervin Santana (Finn) – 17-5, 2.03 ERA, 1.00 WHIP; Clayton Kershaw (Joe Sheehan) – 15-6, 2.17 ERA, 0.99 WHIP; Luis Severino (Jesse Spector) – 14-11, 2.58 ERA, 1.07 WHIP
  • Glanville maintains the team home run lead with 238. Marc Stein is close behind with 233, thanks to Stanton and Trout. 
  • Chad Finn’s squad holds a league-leading 3.39 ERA. Let’s see if he can ride this through his playoff run!
  • The divisions are all but locked up…but can someone catch Joe Lemire for the wild card spot? This week will decide it all!
  • In Citi Field, Jon Miller sweeps Stuart Miller to strengthen his hold on at least a wild card and most likely, a division title. Experience in the field is key! 
  • Jared Diamond refuses to go down without a fight as he takes two from Chad Finn, including a one-hit gem by Jeff Samardzija.
  • Diamond also gets 16 strikeouts from Max Scherzer in a game against Joe Sheehan’s Inwood Landfills the next day, but Sheehan’s two wins put a huge damper on the weekend for Diamond.
  • Elsewhere, Marc Stein’s Norristown Bulls take two from Steve Gardner, pushing the defending champion into a tight spot in the wild card race…he sits 6 games back with 15 to play.
At the end of the league playoffs, Strat-O-Matic will be making a $1,000 donation to the winning team’s charity of choice.
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