Baseball Version 15.02A Update Patch Now Available

Important Note for Version 15 Baseball Users:

Version 15.02A update patch is now available. We suggest that all Version 15 users download and install this update immediately. Click here to download the Version 15.02A update.

We recommend that you create league backup files before installing and applying this update patch.

The Version 15.02A update patch also includes all fixes that were released in the Version 15.01E update patch.


1. Close all programs including the CD-ROM Baseball game.

2. Execute the patch program. You will be prompted to select the folder to install the patch to.  IMPORTANT: If you have multiple versions of the game installed please CAREFULLY CHECK the default folder location selected by the installer, as it may not be correct!  After selecting the folder the patch will be installed.

3. Important: You MUST perform this step to verify that the patch has been applied!  Execute either version of the Baseball program and access the  "About…" menu item in the Help menu.  If it says "v15.01E" then the patch has been successfully  applied.


1) Netplay – In some leagues the boxscore would appear at the end of the game but there was no way to proceed to end the game.

2) Netplay – A crash would sometimes occur after the game was over and this was preventing the schedule from being updated to indicate that the game was played.

3) In some Draft leagues incorrect teams were being shown in the pre-game schedule.

4) The list of team names in the Auto Swap dialog was incorrect for some leagues.

5) Rebuilding league from game files was deleting all the files for the league (such as the boxscores saved to disk).


1) Under certain circumstances the backup function could cause corruption of league data.

2) League backups were including extraneous files.

3) Tournament lineups were not correct – players on the field were from the incorrect team.

4) After releasing all players in a league the Undo function was not working.

5) As-Played lineups were being overwritten at the start of a game if the Manager setting was changed from Computer to Human or vice-versa.

6) Traded players in as-played leagues were reported as having games lost to injury on the team they were traded from.

7) When you generated an All-Star league the lineups were including two first-basemen and no Designated Hitter.

8) Pitcher’s batting lines were being suppressed  for seasons where the DH switch was incorrectly turned on in the league file (1886, for example).

9) The Daily Reporter was not being generated when manual games were being played on a given date.

10) Under certain circumstances the error message "Auto lineup not found" was being generated when using the as-played data.

11) The second paragraph of the Game Stories that are printed on the boxscores were never being displayed.

12) When playing a non-league game the end-of-game checkboxes for "Team Vs. Team" and other subsets were active and would accumulate into the league if left checked.  These are not valid for non-league games, so they have been disabled.