Baseball Version 2014G Update Patch Available

The version 2014G update patch is now available for download. We suggest that all Baseball Version 2014 users download and install this update. This update includes fixes for a number of reported game issues. It also includes data files to correct problems with the 1973 and 1973 Japanese League rosters.
To download the 2014G update patch, please click here.
The following game fixes are included in the 2014G update:
1) When starting a a non-league game, if the DH switch was changed for a team, it was being written to the league file as the new default DH switch for the home team. This was effecting the league DH setting for that team.
2) The "STATISTICS Batter Register" report in the Encyclopedia was not showing fielding statistics for first base, second base, or third base.
3) Error checking has been added to the Update Player code for pitchers so that invalid endurance ratings for starting and relieving can no longer be entered.
4) When running a League Leaders report for subleagues, sometimes a player who was traded from one team to another in the same subleague was showing with the wrong team code.
5) Earned runs were sometimes being tallied incorrectly if multiple pinch runners were used in the same half-inning.
6) Extra Errors for 1875 season were not being applied when the "Allow extra pre-1920 errors" Max Rule was selected.
7) Sometimes a player would be listed multiple times in the Super Hal Lineup Depth Chart.
8) If a team had 0 real-life wins (this happened to a few teams prior to 1876), then the main game screen and other areas of the game would not display the team’s actual won-loss record.
9) If a pitcher entered the game as a pinch-runner to replace the starting pitcher who had a lead before he had pitched 5 innings, then the pr/pitcher stayed in for the remainder of the game and his team maintained the lead throughout, he was not being credited with the win (by rule he should be).
10) Enclyopedia would sometimes crash when a player who did not have a pre-defined alias appeared in a league.
The following data fixes are included in the 2014G update:
IMPORTANT WARNING – These data fixes are not applied directly to any of your leagues.  These fixes will appear only if you completely reinstall a season using the League/Install Rosters menu item.  But remember, doing so will wipe out any existing league data!!!  So be careful not to reinstall these rosters over an in-progress replay!
1) 1973 SEASON – Mike Epstein (CAL) batting stance was incorrect; he should be L for lefty.  Also Steve Mingori of Kansas City has an updated vs. righty side of his card.  Updated rosters for the regular and as-played versions are included with the patch. 
2) 1973 JAPANESE LEAGUE Season – Central League Hanshin player "Masatoshi Gondo" card was prompting for a 1973 authorization request.