Baseball Version 2017H Netplay Patch Available

Dear Strato Windows Gamers:

We know the difficulties Netplay gamers have had in recent years and we have finally come up with a solution. The Netplay module has been updated for Baseball Version 2017 with the official release of a version 2017H patch that is now available for download at the link below:

It has been a long and arduous process but we have finally been able to overhaul the Netplay module. The new version of Netplay will not only create an incredibly stable gaming environment but will make it easier for gamers to connect with each other. 

Gamers can now connect simply and easily, no IP addresses required. When hosting a Netplay game the host will be assigned a Game Number, simply give that number to your opponent and they will enter the Game Number in the Join Game Window to create a gaming session. The new Netplay module also still supports the Game Lobby if you prefer to use that feature.

Hosting a game no longer requires you to jump through hoops to reconfigure your system. Port Forwarding is a thing of the past. Reconfiguring your routers and modems is no longer required to Netplay.

Games that are played over the Internet are always subject to interruption due to networking problems.  Because of this we have focused on improving the restoration process for a game.  If your game does get interrupted the restoration process is much smoother now. 

We are committed to continuing to improve Netplay going forward.  As part of that commitment we have improved the logging functions, which are used to help us debug problems.  If you do experience a problem with the new patch please send us a description of what went wrong along with the sombbnet.log files from both machines. This file can be found in your main game folder. We use these files to help determine what caused the problem.  Also include a league backup LZP file (just rosters & stats) along with the autosave.sav​ file (from your main game folder). 

Please note, while this 2017H update is currently only available for the Baseball Game, future 2017 releases coming out later this year for Football, Hockey, Basketball and College Football will also include the updated Netplay module.

We at Strat-O-Matic understand this overhaul has been a long time coming and we appreciate all of your patience and thank you for giving us the necessary time to properly update the Netplay module to make your gaming a rewarding experience. We will always strive to make Strat the best simulation games on the market bar none and we cannot do that without the support of the best gaming community in the universe.

Hal Richman, President