Basketball 2013-14 Corrections

Basketball 2013-2014 Corrections

Please note the following corrections to the 2013-14 Basketball Cards and Windows Roster:
2013-14 Thabo Sefolosha, OKC
X-Column defense should be Outside:2-5,11 Penetration:2-4 Inside:2-7,10 Fastbreak:2-4.
2013-14 Jeremy Lamb, OKC
X-Column defense should be Penetration:2-6,10, Fastbreak:2-6,10.
X-Column block should be Fastbreak: BAL.
2013-14 Gustavo Ayon, ATL
Blocks should be 10
Block rating should be 5
2013-14 Tyler Hansbrough, TOR
FT-Made should be 126
Fouls shooting should be 2-7,9
2013-14 Greivis Vasquez, TOR
Personal fouls should be 105
Defense column should be:
21      Steal
22-33   pass to any 1+
34-40   F(1)
41-45   Pass to any 1+
46-48   Pos Shot
49-51   T
Oklahoma City Advanced Close Defense (note, this error is on cards only, Windows roster is correct)
Penetration #11 should be Off Foul
Inside #11 should be Off Foul, #12 should be X, 1-13
Fastbreak #12 should be F(2)
3-Pt #11 should be X
Patch V2014e is now available for Pro Basketball 2014. We suggest that all users download and update their game with this patch installation.