Football Corrections for 2013 and 1956 and Football 2014 Data Patch

2013 Football Season corrections:

Atlanta Basic Defense FP #7 should be Short Gain

Dallas Adv Defense LP-1man – #3 should be +30 2-6, X 7-12

Buffalo Adv Offensive Block should be 5-9,12*

Minnesota Adv Offensive Block should be 6-8,12**
Philadelphia Adv Offensive Block should be 5-9

Devin Hester (Chi) Punt Return # 2 should be Touchdown
Leon Washington (Ten) Kickoff Return # 2 should be +95 not a Touchdown
Thad Lewis (Buf) Short Pass REC 2-tmd #7 should be blank, #9 should be +11


The following QB’s should have a dot next to their longest rush: Jackson (Sea), Manning (Den), Ponder (Min), Pryor (Oak).

1956 Card Correction:

Don Bingham (Chicago B) has a misprint and only shows a receiving card. To download a PDF with the corrected rushing side of the card, please click here.
Football 2014 Data Patch:
Data Patch V2014 is now available for Pro Football 2014. We suggest that all users download and update their games with this data patch installation. This data patch contains fixes for the 2013 and 1956 rosters.

Click here to download and save Data Patch V2014 to your computer
. To install the update, simply double click on the file where you have saved it to.